Pre op tomorrow

What happens at this? I’ve just been booked in for it today but my brain has went to complete mush and cant remember anything they said. Do I have to bring someone with me or will they just be sat bored? How long does it take etc



At mine they did height, weight, blood pressure, ECG, and will take some bloods as well.  There is quite a long health questionnaire that they go through with you.  I was there for about 2 hours, but that included waiting between seeing different nurses etc.,  It is tedious but has to be done.  I would take a good book with you


Helena xxx

Hi melia,
Dont worry. The pre op is a routine appointment for anyone before surgery, to check all’s ok. You may get a questionnaire to complete, then blood pressure is checked (they’re used to it being a bit higher!), swab from nose to check for bugs, ecg (heart tracing), a device is clipped onto your finger for blood oxygen levels. Bloods maybe taken for routine analysis, if not done already.
Mine took about half an hour.
ann x

just to add, my bloods were done beforehand, so unlike Helena, once in with the nurse & having completed the questionnaire, it was about half an hour!

Ah thank you. I just like to know what to expect before going. And seems like I’m best off going alone. Thank you x

I haven’t had bloods taken yet except before my mri so I’m expecting I will need them. X

I had blood pressure taken, bloods done, lungs checked and each. I then had to go ultra sound for a wire to be put in and and injection ready for tracer dye. Also signed my consent form. There about 2 hrs and no time to get bored. Different hospitals  might do things different. Had my pre op on Thursdays 16th of March and op on 17th March. Home same day and wounds glued but that is the way the surgeon I had does things. Readings other post depending on your location things differ. I LIVE in south Wales and had my surgery at the royal Glamorgan.

Hi Melia, nurse needs to complete a big booklet full of info on you, so pointless having someone there. My hubby sat around, but then took me to lunch! My pre op was after I’d seen my consultant so glad hubby was with me for that, all a bit much to take in.

Take your prescription with you so the meds can be noted . You will be told what meds you can / cannot take before your op.

yes, height and weight to work out anaesthetic dosage.

Yes, swabs from nasal and groin to ensure you don’t have MRSI.

Yes, blood work done too. Need blood group, and also check oxygen levels of blood, and  liver and kidney functions too.

Soon be on your way. Sending a big hug. X


yes, things are similarly different! the nasal swab was to check if mrsa was lurking there!

Mine pre op was the same, called by different nurses from a waiting room, returned there and then called by another until all ticked off on the list.


I was also given some lotion to wash with for 5 days and cream to put up my nose again for 5 days to prevent mrsa. I only got 2 days notice as had cancellation so only showered with lotion 1 day then wasn’t allowed to shower after op for 3 days so chucked it in bin.


Questionnaire took longest to fill in and nurse went through each question, 4 x A4 pages.


Take your list of prescription meds so you know name and doses.


They also gave me a urine bottle to fill on day of op.


Take a good book or magazine to keep you occupied.


I went on my own and was done in 2 hours.

I forgot but I Also had ECG done too.

Thanks everyone x

I had the swabs done too - up the nose, in the armpit and groin - and also the special wash to use for about 3 or 4 days before and 2 days after. Had to use it to wash my hair too but it makes a horrible shampoo! Had to then repeat it all as didn’t get clear margins so had 2nd surgery. Different hospitals have different ideas. I was at The Royal Marsden in Sutton.  Hope your op all goes well. Michelle xx

I had Swabs of nose and mouth and have been given the wash for body and hair too x