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hi, does anyone have a preferred brand of tamoxifen they use. I have been taking Wockhardt for 20 months and I am really not coping with side effects especially the hot flushes. I am also suffering bruising, cramping, insomnia, itching and have gained about a stone in weight. This is really starting to get me down now and I am even considering not taking anymore. I will see my oncologist before I decide this but was wondering if changing to a different beand would help. Any advice would be greatly accepted as losing the will on these damn tablets.

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It might also help to phone our helpline to talk this over.  They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

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Hi Jenkins,a lady I speak to in the forum did some research and found that the Teva brand seemed to have generally less side effects ,but everyone seems to respond differently and some people find certain brands suit them better than others ,whilst other people find no difference between brands.Def worth trying another brand for a couple of months and see how you get on.You can speak to the pharmacist and ask them to order in a particular brand.Good luck ,you seem to have more than your fair share of side effects!

Hi j
I looked at the other"ingredients" in brands and MYLAN appears to have the least amount of added extras. I’ve only been taking since 7th July, mylan brand

Have you found that side effects started straight away or over time,so far I have only had dry mouth and a metal taste but only been a week.

Sheena, may be worth trying different brand?It could just be coincidence as a lot of us are feeling a bit like you describe and it could just be the stress catching up with you.Def worth trying a change though.If I had started tamoxifen a few weeks ago when I was first given it I would have attributed low mood and tearfulness to Tamox when it was just part of dealing with all of this.

Hi I’m taking Teva brand. Found when I first started it I had nausea, hot flushes,  insommnia, palpitations and dizziness. I have since had lower pelvic pain which was severe enough for me to see GP. I have a strange metallic taste in my mouth sometimes too. I switched to taking it in the morning now and have found this helps a bit with sleeping. The other side effects do seem to have settled down a bit now. I have felt constantly tired since taking it - just not feel my normal self but I’m in the middle of rads at the moment so can’t blame it all on the Tamoxifen! I have been taking it for two months now. Im going to mention all the side effects to the oncologist at my next appointment. I don’t know if I can put up with this for the next five years!

I have metallic taste too .I think it is hard to tease out what are side effects of tamoxifen and what are psychological effects of having cancer ,also as most of us start taking it at about same time as radiotherapy what is connected to that too.

Hi hayley
do you have an appointment to see onc soon? Some folk take a break from it and I have read that some folk are given a % of the benefits of taking it, but I don’t know how they figure that out, maybe someone else knows? X

I have Teva brand, going to give them a few months and see how things settle.My joints are really painful but I have had that before related to things I have eaten or drunk.

I agree it’s a balancing act.I will give it a go for a few months and see how I get on.

I have taken Wockhardt Tamoxifen since 18.04.15. Only side effects have been a few hot flushes each day (in the evenings and early mornings) and my legs ached for approx 2 weeks in July. I do not have any more flushes than my friends/colleagues who are the same age as me (early fifties). I have less than some.


The first month I had no flushes. When it was warmer weather in June I did have more hot flushes than usual. I keep a supply of small cheap ice lollies in the freezer so if I get a flush in the evening I’ll have a lolly if required to cool me down.  





Thanks Sparkle it is obviously trial and error for each individual person.