Pregabalin easing the aches and pains

I have been taking Pregabalin since Wednesday for the aches and pains with Arimidex, and I have to say my joints are definitely improving. They haven’t completely gone yet, as I did the stupid thing of deciding to try to take up running when I take the dog out, to try and improve my joints and at the beginning of last week had just about completely seized up, ha ha, but all my usual joints that hurt with Arimidex, ankles, elbows and right leg are much, much better. Didn’t particularly want to start taking another tablet, but was fed up of getting up in the morning and struggling to get going. Was starting to feel like an old lady, but feel so much better on the Pregabalin.


Hi Julie i’m interested in the drug you’re takin because i’m also feeling like an old woman!!just come in with the dog and have to keep telling her not to run-poor mut can’t understand why we now have to walk at snails pace-is it a prescription drug?anti inflam?


At the moment its my knees that hurt soooo much-I’ve had a swim this am which helps to loosen them up but basically they feel shot at since starting on arimidex in Jan.I’ve tried running but next day I can hardly stand-my theory was initially that I had lost all muscle tone and needed to rebuild it around my knees-but easier said than done.

I’m not on Arimidex so cannot comment about the aches and pains - but years back I suffered really bad with fibromyalgia which made me very achey. The specialist advised that exercise is good for the joints and muscle aches but only certain exercise. I was told no high impact stuff like aerobics, step, running etc but swimming was excellent. I went back to swimming most days and also went to aqua-aerobics once or twice a week and found this to be a great help.

Hi Kattona

Yes, prescription drug, prescribed by my GP. It is classed as being for neuropathic pain, but I had heard of others on it, someone on the site had mentioned it, as well as a work colleague. My GP went through all the side effects, obviously there are a few, just like any tablet, but he was more than happy to prescribe it. If you google it it will tell you all you need to know. All I can say is that I’m definitely not as bad as I was.

To Lilacblushes

I think running was a defnite no-no, as I just about seized up altogether, thighs could hardly move, was moving down the stairs like a crab, sideways, ha ha, so I am going to stay with swimming, which I do anyway, and also riding my bike, which I really enjoy.


Thanks Julie,Have already googled it and may ask my oncologist at my next appointment on Tuesday-I must say I tried running thinking I’d get back into it gradually but I think it is a definate no no-still go tot he gym but do gentler cross trainer and other bits of equipment-don’t know what they’re called but seem to have a good effect.