Pregnancy after triple neg breast cancer?

Hi, I’m 31 and currently receiving neo-adjuvant chemotherapy for grade 3 TNBC with axillary node involvement. I have just had 3 of 4 FEC and then moving on to D&C for 4 sessions, nearly half way phew! My question for all you lovely ladies out there is what advice and info have you been told about pregnancy after triple neg breast cancer? My hubby and I were trying for our second child at diagnosis in Feb (we already have a 2.5 yr old daughter and keen to give her a brother or sister) and after a miscarriage last Nov but this has put a major spanner in the works. I’ve briefly discussed fertility with my oncologist and he put me on zoladex to protect my ovaries and nothing more has been said. Although chemo going ok and going to opt for a double mx after (mother had it 17yrs ago!) i’m feeling a bit down (and broody) as I can’t plan very much for the future.
Please help?

Hello Dollydribbles

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In the meantime you may find it useful to contact our free helpline on 0808 800 6000, opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 – 2.00.

I have also attached a link to our publication on fertility issues

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Hi Dolly, sorry you find yourself here. I’m not in exactly the same position as you as I’m not TN, but I was dx when my son was 9mo… I’ve finished active treatment and am now just on tamoxifen. I also am broody, and upset that being on tamoxifen means that I can’t really think about children for 5 years. But I get a lot of support from both these forums and a fab Facebook group especially for younger women. There are a couple of ladies on there who have had children after treatment for BC and I’m sure that you would get lots of answers and support from everyone on there.

If you’re interested, the link to the Younger breast Cancer Network page is Redirecting...

If you private message them, they will add you to the private group. There are lots of younger women there who have gone through the same sort of thing and are fab at answering any questions you might have.


Hi Dolly
Really glad to tell you that after two lots of TNBC I got pregnant naturally at the age of 40 and had a gorgeous baby boy who is now almost two years old!
I had FEC chemo the first time (at age 31) and my periods carried on as normal. The second time (at age 35) I had zoladex like you and my periods came back about 6 months after my taxotere finished.
Don’t give up hope - after my experiences I feel anything is possible!
Helen x

Helen, that’s a fabulous stpry. Congrats and thanks for sharing!
Dollydribbles, I am also hoping to have children after treatment. I’d also just started trying for children. I met a girl at a wedding last year who was diagnosed with TN BC at 26 and is now 32 and has 2 kids. It really cheered me up!

Hi ladies, that’s such great news! That sounds so promising, I guess I’m feeling abit sad as my situation has changed so differently to my friends who are quite happily popping out kids left right and centre. I must keep telling myself my time will come again, fingers crossed x

Hi all,
Just wanted to add my good news story for you. I was diagnosed when my first daughter, Mabel, was just 8 weeks old, and I had just turned 30. TN Grade 3 2.5cm tumour, but no nodes thankfully. I had two surgeries, 6xTAC and then rads. All horrendous but I got through. I was also given zoladex throughout chemo in hopes that would help to protect my fertility. Amazingly I fell pregnant within a few months of my treatment ending, so I guess the zoladex worked! Sadly I lost the baby but was delighted to fall pregnant again about a year later. My wonderful son is now just over a year, and I am three years clear. I would say go for it. I found this paper extremely useful -
Best of luck to you all,