Pregnancy / hormone receptive

They safe it’s safe to take a break with pregnancy?
If your hormone receptive this ultimately can cause cancer to feed.?
But if you haven’t had a spread from breast to lymph node,if you get pregnant ,& it comes back will it only come back in the breast or can it just automatically come back somewhere else?

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It sounds as if you are asking about taking a break in hormone therapy for breast cancer to try and get pregnant.

Evidence suggests that pregnancy after breast cancer does not increase a woman’s risk of developing a recurrence from her breast cancer including women with a hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

Hormone therapy used to treat hormone positive breast cancer, is usually taken for five to ten years, by which time many women are facing a natural menopause.

Because of this, after discussion with their treatment team, some women choose to take a break during their hormone therapy to try to get pregnant.

A trial called the POSITIVE trial (Pregnancy Outcome and Safety of Interrupting Therapy for Women With Endocrine Responsive Breast Cancer) is looking into the safety of interrupting hormone therapy to try to get pregnant.

Your treatment team are best placed to talk this through with you and answer your questions and concerns about taking a break from hormone therapy to try and get pregnant. Women planning to get pregnant after they have finished taking hormone therapy, are advised to wait at least two months to allow time for the drug to leave your body.

Everyone’s risk of their breast cancer coming back (recurring) is different and depends on many different factors. However, it’s not possible to say for sure where recurrence is likely to happen.

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