Pregnant and diagnosed with BC

I’m just wondering if there are any other women in similar position to me.
i have found a few lovely ladies on the Facebook group and their advice and support has been invaluable.
i’m 40, and was diagnosed at 11 weeks back in April. I had a mastectomy at 16weeks in May and am now waiting for chemo to start. I also have a young son who’s 3.

Hi L_Rap
Welcome to the forum but sorry you are having to join us. I think there were a few ladies on here in a similar position to you but I don’t think they come on that often any more - I think they probably found their way to the Facebook group that you have joined.
Being dx with breast cancer is bad enough in itself but to be dx whilst pregnant is very hard and can be very isolating. I was dx whilst pregnant back in 2006 and since then more ladies have come on here to share their stories and offer support to others in a similar situation.
I hope by bumping this up you will get a few more replies because it certainly helps if you have a cyber friend in tow. Good luck to the two of you with the rest of your treatment and keep us posted when you can. Best wishes. Love xxx

I found out just yesterday that I have cancer, both in a lump and my lymph nodes. I’m 23 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. Wont get my full diagnosis until next Wednesday. The longest week of my life. it all started with the doctor thinking I had mastitis. I wish it had been! Im 33 years old. Can’t quite believe that I am sat here typing this. My mind is running in a million different directions. Still cant believe i actually have cancer.

Just want to send you (((hugs))) E.

It’s hard enough getting a cancer diagnosis…I can’t imagine what it must be like to be diagnosed when you’re pregnant.

I know there’s a facebook group for younger women with bc so perhaps you could join that. I can’t give you a link to it as I’m far too old to join it…you’re the same age as my daughter.

You could also post on the “Newly diagnosed” section of the forum…you’ll get lots of support there xx

Hi E
Again, as with L_Rap, sorry you have to join us on here but hopefully you will find some support from others who are in a similar situation to you. If not, maybe it would be a good idea to join the Facebook group that was set up by Tors that L_Rap refers to above - I will try and find the link and post it for you. I do think many ladies who are dx join this forum and then make their way to the Facebook group.
I remember that sinking feeling trying to take in the dx when I was 30 weeks pregnant. There I was with precious new life growing inside me yet there was a very real potential death threat growing inside me at the same time too - so cruel. But, I think you will find strength from your baby and your other children to get through this but you won’t even begin to get your head round things until you have your full pathology results which you say you get next week - yes, it will feel like the longest week and your mind will be racing for sure. Not sure if this will help but looking back from when I was dx I used to get frustrated at the Hospital giving me information on a piecemeal basis but really in hindsight it was probably best as it made me take things one step at a time so try to not look too far ahead - get through to Wednesday first, get your results and then take it from there. Try and focus on baby and your children.
Will try and dig out the link for you but keep posting when you can and hopefully you will get some other replies. Take care and best wishes. Love xxxx

Hi again E
The Facebook Group is called the Younger Breast Cancer Network (UK). I think this is a private group rather than a public forum like this one but I am sure you will be made to feel most welcome and I know from previous posts on here that there are ladies who are pregnant or who have been pregnant whilst dx who can maybe offer you some support as well as others along the way.
If you can face it, it may be worth your while reading through other posts in the pregnancy category. I know BCC also do a leaflet you can download so worth looking for that too.
Also, have posted below a link to a publication which you may find helpful:-
Best wishes. xx

Hi E

I am sorry to read about your recent diagnosis, in addition to the support here please feel free to call our helpliners for futher support and information on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays

You may find the following links useful to the BCC ‘Breast cancer in pregnancy’ information, you will also find a publication which you can order:

Take care


Hiya Swissmiss, it’s lovely to catch one of your posts again (in a 'we’re both coming back here to help people kind of way obviously, not a we need help again way!)

Thanks fr signposting people to the group. We’ve had several pregnant members in the YBCN facebook group, and at the last count I think we’ve had 4 YBCN baby boys born so far…there are also some members currently pregnant and more members who have very young children than I would like to count.

I Hope all is well with you, feel free to join our FB group still, if you change your mind at any stage!

Hi Tors
Good to catch up with you too - like to pop onto the forum from time to time because I know when I first came on here when I was dx whilst pregnant in 2006 there didn’t seem to be anyone in the same boat as me and it made me feel even more alone but I then went on to discover there were a few of us about.
Not on facebook and have no plans to sign up but if I do change my mind I will definitely look you all up - strength and support in numbers hey!
Maybe we should do a fundraiser involving all the children born whose mum was pregnant or had recently been pregnant when dx to raise not just funds but awareness too - maybe your group has done something already. It would be good to have something on the home page here from time to time.
Really glad you pop in from time to time too by the way. Stay well and keep on keeping on! Love xxxx

Hi, ive just been diagnosed and have to have more tests. Im 23 weeks pregnant. Is everything ok with the baby while you had surgery?

Hi Billy and welcome to the BCC forums
I am sure you will soon have lots of support and shared experiences here from your fellow users, please also feel free to call our helpliners on 0808 800 6000 for practical and emotional support, lines open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2

I am posting a link to further information and support ideas which you may find helpful, you will find a link to a section about breast cancer diagnosis during pregnancy on the left hand side:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi ladies, just wanted to provide an update.
I was 11weeks when diagnosed, had mx at 16 weeks (with expander implant), had 4 rounds of EC chemo from 24weeks and gave birth to my beautiful baby girl at 37weeks (induced) on 15th October. I coped well with the EC and had great care whilst pregnant. I wanted and tried to breast feed but my milk supply wasn’t sufficient but the NHS have funded donor breast milk for us, Great support from the infant feeding team.
Treatment has continued post baby, had my last TAX last week and have op scheduled for rest of lymph nodes removed end of Jan. it’s been a roller coaster of emotions but we got through it!
There’s still a long way to go with recon, Herceptin and tamoxifen but the important thing is that despite initially being told I would have to terminate my pregnancy I found the information and support I needed to challenge that view and we now have our beautiful daughter and I’m hopefully on the right road to a happy healthy future. X

I was diagnosed at 39 weeks, told I had breast cancer and had to go straight up to the maternity section to be induced. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I have had two surgeries since and will start chemo on Wednesday. Had numerous test as they seemed to think it had originated somewhere else. Triple negative grade 3, I don’t know if it’s the fact that I have my baby boy that it never really sank in until now, when I have to start chemo that I have cancer. I am absolutely petrified of what it will do and how it will affect me looking after my boy. I was unable to fall pregnant naturally so I had to have IVF so he is my only one, early menopausal as well. I don’t want to miss out on a thing. Do you just cope?

Hi, I’m late coming to this thread as I don’t visit the website very oftern now.  I was diagnosed at 12 weeks pregnant back in October 2009.  I had 5 cycles of chemo whilst pregnant and one afterwards.  Finally I had rads.


My reason for writing was to say that my incredible daughter has just turned 4.  She is the sweetest, kindest, funniest, smartest little girl and she makes me smile every day.  Chemo doesn’t seem to have done her any harm at all :slight_smile:


I’m BRCA1 and my journey isn’t quite over yet (preventative surgery to come) but you do get through it.  I remember Tors and Swissmiss fondly for their support when I needed it most - you’re both amazing for supporting others for so long.  Thank you xx