Pregnant friends and radiotherapy

Has anyone else been told to stay away from pregnant friends whilst having rads?
A friend of mine has just told me she’s expecting and that her midwife had advised her to avoid me whilst I’m undergoing radiotherapy.
I have to say I’ve never heard of this - and made it clear that I wasn’t best pleased. Does she think I glow in the dark? How far away is safe avoidance? Should I ring a bell and hang a sign from my neck in case I should inadvertantly stand next to a pregnant woman in the queue at Sainsburys?


I dont think the midwife must be very well informed - we are not in any way radioactive!!!


Hi Misty

I dont know where the midwife got her info from, but she is wrong, you pose no danger to your pregnant friend or her baby


Hi Misty,

I had this very conversation with my radiographer a few weeks back and was adviced that there was absolutely no risk to pregnant women or small children. In fact he said that he often took his young son into work with him.

I agree with Fiona and Linda, this midwife is not well informed at all.

Good luck with your treatment.


Thanks for your replies ladies. I’ve done a quick bit of Google research, and it seems that there is a type of internal radiotherapy via an implant that can remain radioactive away from the treatment centre. Don’t think it’s used for bc though.
My friend could have been a bit more thoughtful and made excuses not to see me for a few weeks if she was worried. Not difficult as she’s only been to see me twice in the last six months anyway - but that’s another long story…!!
Tracey xx