Preparation for bilateral mastectomy…unknown reconstruction plan at this time

I was recently diagnosed with Invasive ductal carcinoma on the left breast, Grade 1, PR & ER +, HER2 neg. I have multiple separate masses in my left breast, different locations, so lumpectomy isn’t an option. I have chosen a double mastectomy, and the surgeon will send Oncotype testing after surgery to determine need for chemo. I meet with plastic surgeon tomorrow to decide on reconstruction plan: DEIP flap vs implants, so currently undecided on that. My surgery will be within the next 2 weeks. I’m trying to prepare as best I can, as I have 5 kids in the house, pets, heavy into volunteer work, and I work from home full time, so we have a lot of moving parts to figure out. Blessed to have an amazing supportive partner, but he works full time too, so we are trying to manage in many ways.

Few questions:

  1. Do you recommend anything, pillow wise, or anything else, that will help in recovery? Is there something that I should start buying now that really helped you?

  2. How did you decide between DEIP flap and implants? I’m really torn. 

  3. Any other advice that you wish someone would have given you before your surgery? 

Thanks for any information you can give! Prayers for all of you!

Welcome to the forum . It might help to post this in the surgery section too to get some comments from people who’ve been through these procedures . I will post you the link .Good luck with your op x