Preparation for Mastectomy

Hello all,

Just starting out on my breast cancer journey with Chemo started this week.  I’ll be having a mastectomy in the new year, and whilst yet to work through the reconstruction question, I’d like to start to physically prepare for surgery where I can and within the confines of chemo.

I guess the usual pre surgery advice stands - eat well, manage weight, keep exercising, etc as far as treatment allows. Is there anything else I can start to consider in terms of physical preparation - for instance, I’m guessing having reasonable core strength might be helpful post surgery where movement might be limited? Any advice or shared experienced would be welcomed.  

Thank you xx

Hello Mrs Kettlebell

Sorry you find yourself on here - but glad you’ve started your journey and have a plan. Always helps!

I’m six weeks post surgery (one side mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with implant). I’d agree that core strength is useful - my stomach muscles were very useful sitting up in and getting out of bed when I had drains in and when things were still very tender. I’d also suggest plenty of upper body exercises, particularly shoulders and upper arms as these can get pretty stiff, particularly if you have lymph node removal.

Good luck with your chemo, sending hugs

Susie x