Prepare for mastectomy

Has anyone been given any information as to how to prepare for their mastectomy?

By this I mean has any info been volunteered by say your BCN as to how to cope emotionally and with the physical aspect after the surgery. Have you been told what bras to purchase etc efc


My surgery is next week and I have been given no information at all . I had chemo first and when I call the BCN team (they won’t give me a named nurse) to say that I am worried about the operation, all they keep saying is you have done the hard part this is now easy… 




Hi minniem 

Pleased you finally got to see surgeon. I’m presuming they went through the op with you, showed photos, although tbh I didn’t find them helpful. Have you asked to go in and talk things over with a bcn? 

Where I am you get a front fastening bra, comfie, drain bag preop. It might be you will get them when you are in hospital, after your op. I have some Asda post op front fastening soft bras and m&s pull on ones from previous ops. Sorry don’t know if you’re having mx only or recon. 

I was told they are there to help with adjustment post op. There is also a psychology service but obviously a busy service and it’s an 8 week wait so not available preop when it would have been so helpful. 

Make an appointment with one of the bcn’s … they really should be more sympathetic and realise how stressful a time this is.



Hi Minniem, lots of good advice from Feenix.
I’m also going through a mastectomy and lymph clearance and have been through chemo. I haven’t met with the surgeon or seen a breast care nurse yet so sorry but I can’t offer any advice as yet.
I have started up a thread for those having surgery in August so you might want to keep an eye on that or jioin in as I’m hoping we can form a group that can share advice and help support each other x

Hi minniem,


Agree with the other posts but please do push for an appointment, either phone or in person with a BCN. Depending as well if you are having a recon, as my surgeon does not recommend front fastening bras for a recon, only rear fastening, so best to check.


The below thread may be useful to you at least on the practical what to take side.


There are also some good brochures on this site that you can order for free or download, below is the link to the mastectomy one and the preparing for your op:


And of course the general information and support section, I’ve found many of the documents very useful.



Wishing all goes well for you.