Prepare myself ?

I hope I am posting on the correct page and apologies if I am not.
I’m not sure what I’m hoping to get, answers, reassurance or information, I suppose anything really it’s just nice to know I’m not alone.
Ten years ago I had abcessess removed skin tissue and milk ducts from my right breast, 4 surgeries in total, as half my breast had gone they reduced my left and raised nipples on both. No problems since, until 3 weeks ago.
I had a burning itchy sore pain in right nipple Gp gave anti biotics but wanted me back in a week, within that week the areola enlarged significantly and has gone very pale and there is an obvious dent underneath the nipple, the nipple is flattening also. When the gp saw this I was referred immediatly.
I attended BC yesterday had mammo and ultrasound on both breasts. The consultant said they were both clear however she was concerned about the fast changes and explained without using the c word that sometimes things don’t show up early on on these tests and she wants me to have a CT, luckily I had one last Friday with regards to something else so she said she has requested access so she can have a breast radiologist study it and needs me back in 2 weeks. I began crying and explained I was scared and was hoping she would say it was either an infection or due to past surgery or nature taking it’s course but as lovely as she was she said it was not because of that and she was reluctant to biopsy at this stage . I’m thinking it’s breast cancer that is not yet appearing on scans which is the impression she gave me. Am I right to be thinking this way? Has anybody else had similar symptoms? Thank you in advance.

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I am sorry you are going through this difficult time. I am sure some of our users will be along shortly to offer their support.

In the meantime do give oursupport line a call at 0808 800 6000 who can talk to you about your concerns and offer their support.

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I’m updating as I have had two weeks of torture and I’ve trawled everywhere to get information but nothing so will keep updating incase anyone ever has the same issues, I think it would be nice for them to know they are not alone. My two weeks is up and I’m due to go back to BC tomorrow morning. My right nipple is exactly same except now the skin is flaking on nipple. The areola is still white enlarged and unchanged. My ct scan results letter said no definate evidence of significant enlarged lymph glands which I will presume means some are enlarged but not enough to warrant further investigation and by them not saying no evidence they are uncertain. At least the breast radiologist will look tomorrow so hopefully more info. As I’ve had next to no sleep for past fortnight, no physical contact from my partner (he either scared or thinks I’m a freak) and the In laws thinking I’m a hyperchondriac and about to go to an asylum I’ve had plenty of time to contemplate. I’m going to ask , as she wouldn’t biopsy a A couldn’t see anything to biopsy and B biopsy can sometimes makes things worse I’m going to ask if she opened me up surgically would she be able to visually confirm cancer? And if so do the necessary there and then and deal with the physcological aftermath after health. I think it’s the most responsible approach. Anyway if anyone is reading I will update tomorrow.

Hi and thanks for message, had not a nice consultant this morning without looking ate he said your scan was fine I will presume your problems are from old surgery but I will have a quick look. I was lying down when he came in touched left breast once then right, asked who did my previous surgery said yes and walked away as he did I shouted over curtain so my breast has dropped areola turned white and enlarged due to previous surgery. He then returned asked me to sit up and said oh yes I see now. Don’t get me wrong I was over moon with this news. My partner said so will it keep changing? He said it’s something that happens I said it would of been nice if consultant had said that a fortnight ago when I asked her of previous surgery was the cause, could of saved me countless nights of sleep. My partner then said to him you do realise this change has only occurred over the last 5 weeks don’t you to which he replied well that changes things I need to biopsy the area so as I was lying there having local anaesthetics injected he said oh yes I see the indentation. After biopsy he marked paperwork as urgent and told nurse he wanted me back next week she said clinic is full he said fit her in. So not sure how I feel now. I know I didn’t like his attitude much but pleasd my partner was there to stick up for me. He also explained to consultant that past surgeries have had major physcological effect on me ( first surgery I was 23) to which he replied -really- I could of cried. I’m not having those emotions now mind I just want this week over so I can know for sure. And I’m in pain now and still bleeding so off for a lie down xx