Preparing for Chemo



I am new to this forum.


I was diagnosed with Her2 Breast Cancer in January and had a mastectomy on 5th February.  I have an appointment with an oncologist tomorrow when i think I will find out when I start Chemo.  I am trying to be prepared as possible.  I have read through a lot of post son here and I am grateful fo rthe information and advice.  I am thinking of getting a few things in ready for any eventuality and wondered whether you ladies can recommend anything I might need.


My list is;


Hair and Nails Supplement

Soft toothbrush

Cordysol Mouthwash




Thanks for your help.





Hi Maulden. I have my first chemo next Tuesday and like you I am trying to prepare for every eventuality. I’m trying the cold cap but am still prepared for hair loss. A friend recommended a silk pillowcase as this minimises hair drag while you sleep but you can also get cotton sleep caps on ebay/amazon. I’ve bought Simple shampoo and conditioner but have been told to only wash once a week (yuck). Will also be painting my nails a dark colour as again been told this helps protect them. Get some fruit drops or boiled sweets to help with metallic taste and pineapple juice is good if you get mouth sores. Sounds like I know a lot for a beginner but I helped my best friend go though chemo 2 years ago so I am maybe slightly more prepared. Doesn’t stop me being terrified though. Good luck. Helen x

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Hi Maureen. It’s good to find someone at a similar stage of the journey as me. Most of the ladies on here are further ahead. I’m having 3 x EC then 3 x docetaxil but I also need herceptin as HER2+. I’m hoping the cold cap works as losing my hair is totally freaking ne out but I’m also resigned to the fact that it will thin. Good news is that I have a lot of hair so thinning might not be too obvious. Where abouts are you? Helen x

Forgot to add that you should be offered a wig on NHS. I’ve been told I’ll see wig lady between cycles 1 and 2. X

Hi Maureen,
I’ve completed 3 cycles of FEC and having my 4th cycle next week which will be the start of T (docetaxol)
To add to your list - water!! OK, I know it cones out of a tap (although I’ve been in the Evian water so I can see how much I’ve drank!)
The advice I had in here was to drink 2L the day before, day of and day after chemotherapy then I just try to drink as much as I can stomach after that. If you really can’t stomach water, then squash :slight_smile:
I’ve been snacking my way through each cycle and found it handy to have lots of small packets of nuts, crisps, cereal bars as well as ginger biscuits, bananas, pineapple and cuppa soup. Buy just for the first cycle tho, incase your taste changes!
Check with your oncologist about hair and nail supplements that they are OK to take while on chemotherapy - some supplements aren’t.
I’ve been using Aveeno body lotion which was also recommended and OnicoLife nail drops (available online) for my nails while on FEC and I’ve just bought dark nail varnish and acetone free remover in preparation for the docetaxol (T)
Hope this helps! Also check out the monthly chemotherapy threads for more advice and tips :slight_smile:
It is tough going, but the worry and anticipation is far worse than the actual process.
Take care xxx

I think acetone is harsh on the nails so it’s best to use non acetone which I picked up today from Boots. I drink bottled water, I haven’t been advised not to. Usually u drink tap water, but I’m drinking bottled so I can see exactly how much I’m drinking.
I work and had a voucher for my wig. I had no idea how much it was worth and the wig I chose was completely covered by the voucher (unlike me to do that!!) I wear cotton caps at night. At the beginning it was so when my hair fell out it would go all over the pillow case and now it’s to keep my head warm! Around the house I wear various headscarves I bought from Annabandana online and Handybands from Seasalt, which are now my favourite - bought another today! The wig I wear out in public. I decided against cold capping because I hate the cold and my roots would grown through grey anyway so I’d want to cover them up!