Preparing for Double Mastectomy this Friday 11/6/20. What did you do that helped you the most?

Hello.  I will be having a double mastectomy with the start of reconstruction (tissue expanders) in 6 days.  I was wonder what helped you guys the most when preparing for this time?  I have my meds already and organized a bin with dressings, tape, etc.  I’m cleaning the house as much as possible because I will rest easier if it’s in decent shape.  :slightly_smiling_face:   I would love to hear from you.  Thank you.   

I was the same before my op with the frantic cleaning, and also stocked up the freezer with a lot of pre-prepared meals (and/or ready meals in the fridge). I was packed about 2 weeks in advance, so I didn’t have a mad panic that I’d forgotten something! 

Advice I got but didn’t need this time 'round (prob come Jan and next one, though!) was to make sure stuff like cups, glasses, etc were left out easy to grab as there’d be no reaching up into cupboards.

Make sure you’ve got tons of nice telly, books, etc lined up for yourself to look forward to during recovery.

Oh, and I think I had about 4 baths the week before my op knowing I wouldn’t be able to for quite some time again.

Sending you loads of luck for Friday! xx