Preparing for surgery


I’m a yoga teacher and I have breast cancer. On my instagram page I’m sharing ways of preparing for surgery with simple yoga practices. Once I’m recovered from my surgery I’ll be sharing some post op tips too! find me here

Sarah :two_hearts:

Hi Sarah

Firstly, sorry to find you here.

Thank you so much for sharing your yoga link. I’ve practised on and off for decades and have always found it invaluable during times of stress (childbirth, hysterectomy, breast cancer surgery etc.) I’m very lucky to work with an amazing, highly experienced physio who started a clinical yoga practice to help her patients rehab.

I practised up to the night before my surgery and was relieved after therapeutic mammoplasty and SLNB to find I had retained full range of motion in my affected arm/shoulder. I continued with a modified practice, mostly cat/cow, child’s pose, warriors, tree, seated spinal twists etc. saving down dogs, full sun salutation etc. until things had healed/settled. Pleased to say I’m now back at my old class after radiotherapy. I’m sure it’s helping to manage/mitigate some of the many side effects of anastrazole, particularly joint/muscle ache.

The other thing that helped enormously was pranayama/breathing practice, as you know, in particular diaphragmatic breathing to help activate the relaxation responses of the parasympathetic nervous system, lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

All the very best with your forthcoming treatment, speedy recovery and look forward to your future posts.