Preparing questions for nurse

I was diagnosed Monday with Ductal breast cancer and struggling to get my head around it. Mammogram Tuesday showed that it’s only the one lump so that’s positive. 
Booked in for an op next month while waiting for her2 receptor to come back to decide if chemo is needed before op. 

I’m trying my best to stop being overwhelmed by absolutely everything, but still be prepared so putting a list of questions together to ask the nurse next week. 

Is there anything you wish you asked or knew in the first few weeks? Or any advice for how to cope with feeling so overwhelmed?

Thank you 

Rudy1 Sorry you find yourself on here Glad you have reached out to Breast Cancer Now :two_women_holding_hands: questions you want to ask depends on how much you feel you want to know or don’t want to know, everyone is different some want full in-depth answers to questions such as grade, stage, what’s treatment plan while others don’t ask any questions and leave everything in the hands of their team. Do find out if you are going to have a drain or drains after the operation, these are tubes with bottles you could have post operation for a few days after, get button front pyjamas and for post op bra the M&S zip front one with racer back was good because it didn’t rub where they investigated the node involvement, so do ask what plan is for node investigation too. Take a pair of slides and dressing gown to hospital too Do keep asking away, others will be along to offer support too :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx