Pretty scared - thickening and dent

Hello all.


I first noticed something was wrong about 5 weeks ago when I turned over in bed and had this pain in my right breast unlikely anything I’ve felt before - it’s really hard to explain, it was like being stabbed and wrenched all at the same time. It was excruciating. I couldn’t find anything so I put it out of my mind and carried on.  Fast forward to last week when I noticed a dimple had appeared just above the nipple on the right side. That obviously concerned me and I noticed that if I looked at myself sideways on there is an extremely obvious large swelling above the dent stretching all the way towards my collar bone. There is no distinct lump. It’s a large area of hard, thickened tissue. It also hurts. I saw my GP on the 1st and she immediately referred me which obviously has me scared stupid. I received my appointment today - not until 14th. I honestly thought it would be sooner.


Has anybody had anything similar? I read plenty about lumps but not thickening. I would really like to hear from anyone who has had something like this - I’m already expecting the worst so don’t worry about giving me a bad story.


This is a great site by the way. Thank you for listening.




UPDATE  I know, because I did it, that those waiting for appointments want to know what these posts turned out to be so I’m editing this one. Yes, mine was BC but a small, early one. So pain, whilst not common, can be 

a sign. You don’t have to have a definite lump, mine couldn’t be felt. Get yourselves referred if you have ANY worries. Love Strudel X 

Hi Strudel,any change to your breast could be indicative of something going on that needs further investigation ,if you have a look at the threads in this section you will see many women reporting back that after further tests the changes had a non sinister explanation .Most referrals to the breast clinic (think it is something like 80%) are not cancer .If it is something that needs dealing with better sooner than later as there are good outcomes for most women with breast cancer these days.Lots of support and advice here if you are diagnosed .Jill

Hey Strudle,

Can you call the breast clinic and state that you could take a cancellation and come in at short notice?

Five more sleeps, Strudle. Last night was extremely restless for me and I’m exhausted now and ready to nod off but thought I would message you first.

I wishing you all the very best for a positive outcome and know the waiting is tough. I will pop in and get notifications when you guys respond to messages so will know when you’ve posted.

Try to keep busy. It’s what I did and only had the evenings to battle through.

Stay of tinternet!! Lol. You know what I mean. Much love. Xxxx

How did you get on Strudel?x