Preventative mastectomy - now found a lump

I’m just wondering if there is anyone that may be able to offer me any comfort or advise. I had a preventative double mastectomy at 28 due to massive BC family history. I have never looked back and believed that was the end of my nightmare.

On Sunday I found a lump in my left breast. It has floored me. I went to the doctors on Monday and her face said it all. I am now waiting until next Thursday for my hospital appt.

Has anyone else found anything after having the double mastectomy? Baring in mind I’ve never had breast cancer. It’s a lump shaped like a pea.

I know my mastectomy only lowered my risk from over 90% to below 10%, but I genuinely never thought I’d have to worry again.

Thanks in advance for any support or similar stories xxx

Hi Becci,
Sorry to hear you’re going through this. There are certainly other ladies here who have had a double mastectomy, I haven’t, so can’t comment of your specific situation.
As ever, there’s nothing more you can do now until the appointment, but chances are it will be ok & there is a more common reason for this, there usually is.
If you want to, let us know how you get on.
ann x

Hi Becci

i have also had a double mx and recon due to family history, can I ask what kind of recon you had, as far as I’m aware it is quite rare although not impossible for it to be a breast cancer.

if you had a recon using your own tissue maybe you have developed an infection or some scar tissue has moved to a more detectable location than it previously was.

try not to panic because IF it is a cancer then more than likely it will be highly treatable but I think your gp is quite right to refer you.

BTW a friend I know who had same procedure found a lump and it was found to be scar tissue.

keep talking as it will give you some perspective as you know how your mind can go into overdrive.

SL x

Thanks for your replies. I had expanded initially then swapped for implants. I know it’s unlikely but I just can’t help but think it would be just my luck. One week to wait too I’m beside myself x