preventative surgery

I have been told that i have a high risk of breast and ovarian cancer after seeing a geneticist although i cannot be tested as my relatives have passed away. I spent nearly a year waiting to see a geneticist who i finally saw in Jan this year, and have now been told that i have to see a psychiatrist before i see a surgeon then on the waiting list for the surgery. Does anyone know if my wait so far is longer than normal and if it is an average wait how long would you expect to wait before seeing surgeon etc and op ? I have not heard a thing from geneticist . I am based in Bristol .

HI Chaddy

Thanks so much for your reply .I am 45 this month and have 4 boys, i am also a single parent so if anything happened to me there would be nobody to look after the kids and i think that is why i am so concerned to have the surgery done asap as i have no need for ovaries anymore and i just consider my breasts as a couple of time bombs stuck to my chest. As i said i cant be tested but my mum was first diagnosed at 48 and had a mastectomy and radiotherapy then at 55 she had another primary in the other breast so had surgery again, she died at 59. My grandmother died at 35 from ovarian cancer but this was during the war so not much info . I wonder if i should start asking questions as to why the wait , but when i asked about the lengthy wait for the geneticist i was told it wasn’t a high priority as it was a worry about a disease and not an actual disease, i do understand that as there are so many women out there who have actually got bc but it doesn’t make me any less worried about shutting the stable door before that horse bolts .