Preventing nails splitting

I had four doses of Abraxane (nab-Paclitaxel), which finished in January and I am on three weekly doses of Trastuzumab (Herceptin).

I have just noticed that the edges of my finger nails are getting a bit “splitty”. I know that you shouldn’t use nail varnish while having chemotherapy but would it be alright now? Specifically I have some Sally Hansen clear stuff for strengthening nails.

What do people think?

Hello, i was told to wear v dark coloured nail varnish for the months i had chemo …something to do with the dark colour protecting them…not sure if it is scientific but there is discussion about it on forums so might be worth a look… whether or not it made the difference i had no probs with nails while on chemotherapy. Good luck with yours too, hugs, Julie xx

Hi, I done the nails workshop online on look good feel better - would highly recommend! Here are some nail care advice things from their YouTube too

She said a glass nail file is good to use a little every 2-3 days when nails start to look like they’re splitting and use cuticle oil and moisturiser too

You can find other tutorials on their YouTube for a variety of other stuff and the two workshops I’ve done already have been really decent☺️

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Thanks for the responses

It looks like I wasn’t clear in my original message.

I am not having chemotherapy now. I finished it in January.

It is not clear to me why I shouldn’t have used nail varnish then but I definitely read that it shouldn’t be used. Although many people seem to recommend black varnish.

I am not talking about using black varnish to prevent damage. I am trying to look after the slightly damaged nails I have, using a product I already own.