Private Health Insurance and Changing Jobs

I have a query that I hope somebody would be able to answer for experience, even if not with absolute certainty.


I am currently employed by a large multinational and I have been very fortunate that they provide a non-underwritten private medical insurance through BUPA. Both my wife and I are covered.


During the term of the policy, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and we claimed for the treatment: the mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. The only thing that remains as part of her treatment is the reconstructive breast surgery, which I know my current corporate policy with BUPA does cover.


However, this operation would be in a year or so, and I am considering changing jobs in the meantime. Aware that the BUPA continuation policy would probably be exorbitantly expensive, I am limiting my choice of future employers to other large multinationals that I know provide a non-underwritten corporate private medical insurance policy.


However, I am somewhat concerned that the reconstructive breast surgery would still not be covered. I am reluctant to bring this up in job negotations, and I would only find out about the details of the policy once I have joined.


Can you please advise me, out of experience, do non-underwritten corporate private medical insurance policies provide cover if one changes them mid-treatment and is the reconstructive surgery considered part of the treatment or is it considered more of a cosmetic surgery?


I know it might be impossible to answer with an absolute certainty unless you know the details of the policy - and indeed, neither do I at this stage. All I know that most employeers seem to be using BUPA, so they will (probably) have my and my wife’s details anyway, even if we transfer to another policy. Due to the type of the employers, I know that they would be providing the best corporate policy there is. In the past, in my youth, I have worked for very similar companies and found my old policy documents, which stated ‘no exclusions for pre-conditions’ and ‘non-underwritten’.


If this is not something you could answer, could you please point me to another forum you know where I might ask this?


With best wishes and many thanks,



Hi Ian,
Hopefully one of the ladies will be along to advise on this.
From what I’ve seen here, those of us who need reconstruction will usually have it done on the NHS, which doesn’t really answer your question.
As ever, it probably all depends on what happens with your employment & the cover offered.
Not a lot of help really, but wishing you both well with it all.