Private Health Insurance

Hi all, I hope that someone might be able to provide some support or advice on the below?

I’m looking for private healthcare to include pre-existinging conditions of breast cancer 2009/2x dvt’s 2009/one skin melanoma 2010 year/treatment for 2x bowens desease 2011& 2012 .Obviously there have been regular check ups through these years.

Our existing provider wants to charge £8k this coming year as well as £100 excess per condition. Does anyone know any more reasonable alternatives or can suggest something else?

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hi Boofles
I don’t know your old suppler but we are with AXAPPP and all i can tell you is when we looked at moving the most will not go near you if you say cancer or on going condition at present the company i work for is changing suppliers and they are making worring sounds about my wife as she comes with cancer and they are not best pleased about it. they are asking for all her records from the onc. they have only passed one treatment untill they get all the info.


I am with BUPA, I left my job last February which provided me with BUPA, decided to carry on but the prems were horrific, over £400 a month so took out an excess of £500 which halved it. This year the prem had increased by £30 a month so increased the excess to £2000.00.

Now at the moment I have 2 checkups and one mamogram each year so this would come to about £500 a year so it was cheaper to take a bigger excess providing my situation doesn’t change(I was diagnosed 8 years ago with primary BC)than pay a high premium. The main thing is that I only use PHI for the cancer, everything else I use NHS.

There comes a point where it is cheaper to pay for the treatment yourself but I have heard that cancer treatment can run into 100s of 1000s of pounds. My excess from £500 to £2000 reduced my premium by £86 per month.


If you move you will have to go through underwriting and thats where they need details re health, treatment etc.

Awhile back I had my cover under my husbands company policy and the company moved to Aviva and they would only cover my treatment up till 5 years after diagnosis, luckily my own employer set up a scheme with Bupa so I moved to them and I have found them good to deal with


The only other way to get PHI is if you can persuade your employer to offer it as part of your overall package, and make sure that it is as part of a group scheme. If they just offer you a discount on individual membership that doesn’t help much, since you will still be assessed on existing or previous conditions. If you join a true group scheme you are not assessed, or indeed even asked about, previous medical conditions before you join.

Depending on your job, this might be worth enquiring about. I’m lucky that my employer provides me with group scheme membership, and although they recently changed insurer, all my BC stuff is still covered.

I am in a proper corporate scheme with AXA PPP but I was still asked about pre-existing conditions - though they drop off the radar after >3 years with no treatment or meds needed.
This was pre-BC though, so I have been covered for that thus far. The company pays about £1,500 pa for each person, regardless of health/age. If I left the company, AXA would keep me on, with my existing condition covered, but it would cost me £2,500 pa for full cover, no excess.


I am with Aviva I dont know what the cost is but they have been very helpful and just seem to go with the flow and have found them great.

love pops

I stand corrected by Ninja - I didn’t know that any of the group schemes take account of existing conditions, regardless of current treatment status.

My company’s previous scheme was with BUPA, now with Aviva, and both have been fantastic, they have covered everything to do with the BC, even physio for tightness after rads, and no excesses to pay.

I consider myself really lucky to have this insurance cover, it is worth several thousand per year of salary since it would cost so much more if I had to pay it myself.

I took out private health insurance with Prudential 1 year on from my diagnosis of Breast cancer.

The premium is £90 pm and for the first 2y excludes any medical problems relating to Breast Cancer.

After 2y all medical problems relating to Breast cancer are covered by the policy.

hope this helps

hi again
Our company has just changed to a company called cigna and only been with them 4 days they dont cover cancers after the primary one and do not cover any care help at home plus ask the same question each time then give no reply all please stay away from them. Women of the world has now switch back to NHS so far the nurses and Doctors have been very good they have got her pain under control hope to move to hospice in the near future so we can set up home help and have her home with me again.


AXA PP has been brilliant - they even have a special phone number for cancer patients - there are named nurses on there and you can ring them about any aspect of your treatment - even just for a chat if you are feeling low.