Private MRI scan

I had lumpectomy for 25mm high grade DCIS last year.  Unfortunately I had close margins ie margin=0.  The surgeon took a shave from the area but I was anxious that he may not have caught it all.  My DCIS had only appeared as a tiny cluster less than 10mm on mamogram and couldnt be detected at all on ultrasound. 

I wanted an MRI to give me peace of mind but this could not be offered on NHS.  I decided to go private as I was by now having pschological therapy due to anxiety. I didnt have any insurance so was aware that the costs would be substantial. The most difficult part was finding a private hospital in the north of England that are able to do breast MRI.  Very few have the electrode equipment for breast MRI as well as a consultant available to refer and then present the findings.  Finally I discovered the Wilmslow and from that point things speeded up.  They needed a referal from my GP who said she would but it turned out that what she called a referal was just forwarding all my notes which was not sufficient. The hospital needed a referal stating  a request by the referer for MRI.  This couldnt be given by a NHS GP as if I need the investigation then it seems that the NHS should provide it!  So I had to see the private consultant providing services to the hospital to refer me and then present me with the findings.  Should mention the hosp also needed a blood eGFR for the contrast dye which my GP sorted. It all took some sorting for me so hope this may help others.  All in cost 838 pounds. But gave huge peace of mind.