Prob worried but concerned - sharp pain in left breast?

Hi I’m new to these forums.

In the last couple of days I have developed a very sharp, shooting pain in my left breast. It’s on the kind of outer slope, near the armpit but in the breast itself (I don’t think it’s a muscle twinging underneath, if that makes sense). It feels almost like the pain you get when you bruise yourself/have a spot coming up, if you know what I mean! That kind of throbby-and-sharp sort of feeling.

It’s worse when I bend forward and if I sit normally with my arms pressed against my sides it hurts and kind of throbs. If I press it it hurts a lot and the pain spreads sharply in towards the sternum area probably hurts more now because I keep poking it!!).

I can’t feel anything unusual or obvious, but I’ve lost weight recently on a diet (over the last 8 months) so am not sure what my boobs should feel like now anyway!

If it’s still there in a few days I plan to make a GP appointment, but I don’t usually have any boob problems. Am I worrying myself over nothing?

Thx xx

Whoops, sorry, the title of this thread should have read “Prob worried WELL but still concerned”.

hi, its probably nothing to worry about, but… you do need to have it looked at by your doctor, have you noticed anything other than the pain ? no lumps swellings etc… it could be a bit of infection get it looked at just to be sure xx angie


I am almost possative that pain is not a symptom of breast cancer. I had a huge cancerous lump but no matter how hard i prodded it it did not hurt. I have never seen pain in the breast listed as one of the symptoms of breast cancer

However I think you ought to go and see the GP, because it might be an infection and a dose of antibiotics could clear it up.