Probably had enough of me lol

Sorry to post AGAIN, I know you guys are probably getting a bit fed up with all my worries and questions. I just need to know if this is normal and if there are other people who have experienced this.
Since I discovered my 1st lump I have been checking myself daily but always have checked when sitting up. Well last night I was lying in bed and thought I would have a quick feel. I was checking my collar bone and I felt a very distinct lump probably about 1cm big and then tinny little lump next to it. The little lump was movable but the big lump isn’t. So I sat up in bed a felt again but this time I couldn’t feel anything. So laid back town again and low and behold there they were! Is it quite normal to feel lumps only when lying down?
Also is this something I should go to my GP about? I have a breast clinic appointmenicon 8th July but doc said if anything changes then to go back to him. Does this count as a change?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated x

Dear sinfullyd

It might help to talk things over with someone on our Helpline. They can offer you practical information and emotional support. Opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000.

Very best wishes


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Hi sinfullyd , please don’t worry about posting your questions, that’s what this forum is all about. Funnily enough I felt a lump on my snb scar today when showering, gave me a fright I can tell you, and yep it disappear when I lie down. I shall be ringing my BC nurse tomorrow, just to query it, probably scar tissue, but yes you do get paranoid about any little lump and bump don’t you. I suggest that maybe you get it checked to put your mind at rest, I’m sure the doc or nurse see this all the time and they do understand how we feel. Hope you get it sorted soon… Pat

Hi. When you have your ap on the 8th they will check you throughly so try and not worry too much. You are checked lying down and the mammogram is done standing up. Obviously mention to the dr at the clinic what you have felt. My dr felt more lumps than I had and I had spent a good two weeks prodding and poking, which did make my boob sore and swollen sending me of too a &e thinking i was about to explode! So although hard its probably best to leave your boobs alone If you can :wink:
Take care and good luck on the 8th xx
Emma x

Hi Sinfullyd - I just felt the need to reply to you as you have enough worries without worrying if people have had enough of you! As Pat says, this is what the Forum is for. We’ve all been there and want to help wherever possible.

As everyone says, the waiting to find out what the symptoms are is the worst time. We all understand the fears and how it feels endless waiting to get to the clinic and a diagnosis. Don’t worry about going back to your doctor - it sounds like he’s caring and he has said to go back to him if anything changes, so as this is something new that you’ve noticed then do call him to let him know. The 8th July will feel a very long way away for you - I only had to wait 6 days for my clinic appointment and I hardly slept in those days. I know it’s very exhausting and you just keep checking the lumps. I kept wondering if I was imagining it but deep down I knew I wasn’t.

So, stopy worrying about posting your questions and concerns; and contact your doctor tomorrow.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Just remember though - 9 out of 10 people referred to the clinic don’t have cancer. It could be something else causing the lumps.
Best wishes.

I really hope things pick up for you soon x
Im back to waiting so my bubble popped, after team meeting they decided to send off for 2nd opinion. Team meeting was day after results

Thank you for being so understanding and letting me go on and on lol

I have taken the advice to not keep checking but it’s very hard not to. Unfortunately I have started to stress again as my areola on the other breast is changing :frowning: the top side of it seems to be getting thicker and it looks like the areola is growing? Probably not the best description but that what it looks like. There is also a dull ache coming from that area. I will obviously mention it when I see the breast clinic but it’s just making me stress even more.

Hi…try not to stress…I am a bit further down the line being dx in Sep 11…at first I was paranoid at every lump and bump on my body…even a lump on my neck that had been there for 18 yrs!!!..your appt is a week Mon coming so ask your questions then…no question is silly on this forum…that’s what it’s for…people haven’t had enough of you…being dx was traumatic for me even though I have known most of my life that it might be on my cards as it runs through the female line of my family…nearly 2 yrs later I still don’t trust my body anymore and anything that lasts longer than 2-3 weeks I am at my GP…just try to take it one day at a time is the best advice…also the helpline is v good…big hugs to you…hang on in…the 8th will come around and hopefully you will be reassured…

Hi Again. We understand what you’re going through, we’ve all been there and you are not being a nuisance. Its natural to worry and to feel that every little lump and bump, ache and pain is something sinister. Luckily, although it seems a long time, your appointment is not far off. Its very stressful waiting. I found Bach Flower Remedy helped me through the early days and may be worth a try. You can get it from Boots and other pharmacies. If you’re boobs ache take some ibrufen, to be honest if you’re prodding and poking they’re probably protesting like mine did :wink:
Hugs Emma x

Hi everyone. It’s 1 week today before I get seen by the crease clinic. Have tried to get a cancellation appointment but no luck :frowning:
Ive had a few good days recently with very little pain and have been able to keep my mind off things and I have virtually stopped poking and prodding lol. Today is not such a good day! Very painful breasts (both breasts not just the one with the lump) painful back and shoulder blades and painful sternum. Not worrying really just feeling very low :frowning:

Hi again Sinfullyd - sorry to hear you’re feeling low today but glad you’ve had a few better days. You’re probably pretty worn out with all the stress of waiting. Make sure you get some exercise - a nice walk or cycle does wonders for your body and mind but I know it can be hard to motivate yourself to do such things when you have so much going on in your mind and you’re in pain. Pamper yourself and try to do nice relaxing things. I know that’s easy to say but not easy to do.

Good to hear you’ve stopped poking and prodding!

I don’t really know what else to say now but I just want you to know that people are thinking of you and wishing you all the best for next week.

Keep chatting; I think it helps to voice how you’re feeling, particulary with people who really do understand.

Take care.

It is tough waiting, even when I’m 99% sure it’s nothing (been here before!) it must be terrible for you. My appointment is on 9th July, so similar time to you. Still, that 1% of uncertainty (new different feeling lump - new boob) can keep me up at night and not helped during the day when work colleague bangs on about her boob job. Cheers, work is where I go to forget about it!! (Hyper sensitive but what makes it worse is she’s one of the few I’ve told). I will be thinking of you. Let us know how you get on next week x

Hi sinfullyd

I was told by my BCN that everything would hurt/ache as you are hyper-aware of your body. Aches/pains etc that you would normally ignore or put down to getting older/having done too much suddenly take on huge proportions.

Try not to worry (I know…easier said than done! lol) It isn’t long now until the 8th. Have a relaxing weekend (hopefully in the sunshine) and good luck at the clinic. Let us know how you get on. xx