Probably over reacting !

I feel really daft and know I’m probably being little over cautious, but I would appreciate any advice if possible. Where to start 3 weeks ago I had sharp chest pain and burning as well as a very aching shoulder with pain radiating to my arm. They thought I may have a pulmonary embolism as my clotting blood test came back positive but my breathing was fine, oxygen levels but they basically gave me a scan on my lungs for capacity which was ruled it out as it was fine. I was then told I prob had infection or pericarditis but blood didn’t show markers for infection. The pain/discomfort continued specifically around shoulder and between blades. The last 10 or so days by breast almost became like I had mastitis and now shape has changed their almost sagging I also have what I think is swollen lymph nodes in my breasts which are very tender and sporadic sharp/burning/ache in my breast but more in right as well as the shoulder pain and upper back pain. I also have from what it feels like pain in cheast wall. I went to see GP and mentioned sore swollen breasts after about 6 days and he didn’t exam me said it was hormones probably but literally not long and cycle. He told me to come back in two weeks if continued. I don’t know if I’m worrying bout nothing or if I should follow this further.

Any advice from u lovely people be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance Clara

Then perhaps wait the 2 weeks, as long as you don’t suffer any other further discomforts. BUT if you DO, get back to your gp immediately - He has his reasons for not being too concerned, but at the same time - you never know. I would tend to sway onto the side of caution.

Delly xx 

Thank u Delly for replying I’m trying to wait it’s just quite uncomfortable. Hopefully it will pass xxx

Yeah, Kes is right , Clara.

Sorry, I’d neglected that you said your doc hadn’t even bothered to examine you. Pretty remiss really, and not wishing to scare you, but espesh as % of women with BC is now 1 : 8  I’m surprised

Delly xx

Hi Kessler and delly. Thank u so much for your advice. I’m little scared ATM tbh. I went back to Dr Friday and explained everything. Dr explained he wanted to check my prolactin levels and give me an exam however no female chaperone available so I went no on Monday. He examined my breasts and said they both felt equal however he did not feel it was hormonal and that it possibly a benign breast disorder but has rendered me for ultra sound and breast clinic. My symptoms are different now tbh. I’m now having shooting pains in breast particularly arm pit and my nipples are definitely larger especially left and don’t laugh but I had my ex husband look and he said he thinks the left nipple is becoming inward. I have purple stretch marks all over breast that I never had before and also a spot that just looks like small bite. When I was in shower last night I noticed I could see lots of poures on my breast especially around nipple. Any advice would be appreciated. I’m scared that will the ultra sound be a suitable examination? Thanks Claire x

Hi Claire,

I really feel for you and your concern. Are there quite a few GPs at your surgery or is he on his own ?? Because, as Kess pointed out, he DID’NT examine you at your earlier appointment which really he should have done, if only to allay your concerns.So you had to go back again and if it’s still the same GP and there are others at your practice, I’d consider seeing someone else. I’m not an expert, but I’m just not feeling confident about what’s he/she’ suggested to you. I would have thought he’d have suggested a mammogram first at the your local breast unit. Depending on the results of that, the breast team may feel it necessary to carry out an ultrasound. That’s been my own experience - NOT ultrasound first.  With the amount of discomfort you are experiencing, I don’t feel any womans concerns about changes is their breast should be taken and treated lightly, especially the level of discomfort you are feeling ,and also nipple changes. You know your boobs better than your GP.

I would strongly ask/demand your current GP for a Mammogram. If you don’t feel happy with how he’s dealing with this and you don’t feel you can ask him, then arrange to see another GP for a different opinion. You have a right, a perogative - you’re WORRIED.

Claire, I would contact the help-line on here and have a chat with them first. Explain your situ, what you’re being told by your GP, you’re concern and I’m SURE they’ll be able to advise you what best to do.  It MAY not be anything serious Claire, but you sure need to find out for your own peace of mind because it’s worrying and upsetting you. Better to be safe and it turns out to be nothing serious.

Give the help line a call Claire, asap, and take it from there.


Please keep us informed lovey will you

Delly xx


Hi ladies, delly I’m to young for a mammogram I think as I’m only 30 which I know improves my chances. I’m getting quite anxious now tbh x

I need to ask something my boobs under nipple are now totally numb to point I can pinch them without it hurting does anyone have any advice what this could be.

I’m gonna ring hospital today see when I’m gonna be seen as really struggling with all this.
Thanks Claire x



I think mammograms are not very good when you are younger as you are likely to have denser breasts and lumps may not show up.  An ultrasound is a better option in this case I believe

Thanks all for all your advice and support my breast is really stinking this evening just by crease of my arm pit xx I’m gonna ring Monday see if I can be seen sooner x

Hi all I rang breast clinic and they haven’t even recieved letter for me x so rang GP surgery and told that Dr had been off sick so it only went today x I’m so agitated and upset tbh x I think I’ll pay to be seen x

Claire - hello lovey. If you can afford to pay to see a breast consultant privately -doooo. if it means you are going to be seen sooner and get some action into whats giving all your breast discomfort - dooooo. Invariably, if that consultation leads to further treatment /operation etc. you can then ask to be seen on the NHS anyway. An initial private consultation can fast track you, so to speak, as many private onc consultants also do  NHS work. Good luck with that. Sorry your having to wait so long and suffering in the process

Dellywelly xx  

Thanks Delly x I’ve booked my appointment and picked my referral letter up from GP x I’m a little annoyed they explained the faces it over yesterday and when I looked at it x it has yesterday’s date as referral and as consultation date which is a lie x when it asks for the referral reason it states urgent referral suspected cancer ! X this just says it all x and thanks I just hope I can get somewhere this Thursday xxxx hope ur all doing well xxx

Clara me dear,  I know it’s not a happy prospect, but HOObl**dyRAY !! that you’ve finally got some flippin reaction and ACTION. When’s your appt ?? AND what will it be for ??

Keep in touch darlin will you, keep us informed.

Lotsa love Dellywelly xxx 

Lol delly xxx its tomorrow lovely I think it’s scan and go from there xxx I’ll keep u updated z thank u so much for being there xxxx

Clara - no probs sweetheart. That ultrasound scan then ?? x

Yes ultra sound delly xx thanks kes hopefully xx didn’t sleep much last night just want it sorted now xxx

Hi all just to update u x I saw Dr he said he could see changes in breasts however within normal range x and ultrasound showed some thinkining and little cysts but nothing else x I was basically told all the back shoulder breast and rib pain is prob not connected and it’s nothing other than hormones oh and the classic statement cancer in women of your age doesn’t really happen x I should be relived but I’m in so much pain and I’m unsure really x I guess I have to just except that he knows what he’s doing x

Clara - so your pain is a bit of a conundrum then ? I don’t know what to suggest about that. You tried having a long soak in the bath - get your shoulders under - to see if that helps ease it ? What was the explanation for the group of cysts ?? Anything ?


Hi delly tried all sorts xxx he just said normal hormonal changes Hun xx cysts are apparently normal and of no issue etc xxx thanks for all your support xxx