problems after mascectomy

I had a mascectomy on 6 September 2017, an infection set in on 8 October, 32 days after the op, the wound itself externally healed properly except for a small bruising under the wound which is still there, but the top of the breast is swollen and hard, I have had 3 different sets of antiobiotics, the last lot were 12 torpedos a day 150mg each very strong but it did not touch the infection.  After the op the breast was normal, i.e. it looked like a deflated balloon with a thin sausage at the bottom, but it doesnt look like that now, I cannot wear anything, not even a crop top without any seams, if I do the breast swells up even more, my breasts were size 38 and I weigh 11 stone.  I did not need chemo as my lymph glands were unaffected, so I am just having radio which started on 30 Nov, it was delayed by 2 weeks.  So I am nearly 3 months after the op and still no further forwad with a normal breast, the consultant just said it could take months to calm down, I am using E45 to stop the scar from tightening too much.  The breast was drained twice, once on 18 September, the bottle was full with a bloody liquid, and once on 27 Sept, the bottle was only a third full then, it hasnt filled up with liquid since, but I wonder if anyone has had a similar problem or has any advice for me.  The consultant said she thought i may have had a delayed bleed but I wasnt told this until 3 days ago.  I dont recall lifting anything heavy, and I had 2 weeks off work after the op,  I only do office work.  No point in bothering with a prosthetic breast as i wouldnt be able to wear it.  I just feel disappointed that I wont be able to wear normal clothes again, I have to wear very baggy tops so that it is not obvious that I only have one breast.  I was not warned about this before i had the op, they only said that reconstructiong carries a much high risk of infection, but I have not had and I am not having reconstruction.  Anyone got any advice for me? or had a similar experience.  Will it calme down eventually?


Have a nice day.




Hi Anne
What a terrible experience you’ve had. I had a mastectomy 2 weeks ago but have only a problem with a seroma.
I really hope that things settle down for you and things start to feel better. I must say that I can’t believe how quickly you were back at work! I hope you are taking it as easy as you can and looking after yourself. A big infection plus the heavy antibiotics you have been on can take it out of you and could make you feel tired and even affect your mood.
My first mastectomy was 10 years ago and it took months before things settled down completely. I must say that even now the area is sensitive and can be achey (although I also had axillary node clearance). However I can comfortably wear a prosthesis! Mind you, now that I’ve had 2 mastectomies I am going without which is so much more comfortable! !!
Take care of yourself and I hope someone with more experience of your issues can offer more support.
Pollym xx