Problems after ovaries removed?

Problems after ovaries removed?

Problems after ovaries removed? Hi Girls

Has anyone had their ovaries removed, and if so what kind of problems have you experienced. I just need to make sense of the symptoms that Im having at the moment. My list includes the following:

VERY weepy, feelings of being helpless, VERY vague feelings of not quite being in the moment, forgetful, not being able to take in information, nausea during the flush, wanting to run away, my mind feels ‘tired’, problems with sleep, going to the loo during the night more…

I had mine removed last August, and apart from the odd hot flush thought that I had got away with it, but the past 2 weeks have been really terrible. If you had suddenly had the above could you PLEASE let me know how you dealt with the sudden onset.

After reading on it it seems like Im just going to have to get on with it, I cant have any hormone replacement, and when I started my diet I thought that I was doing the right thing, but I read that there are phytoestrogens in fruit and veg, my mind feels like its going to burst.

I really am tired of the whole thing.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Many thanks
Debbie x

Dear Debbie I am sorry to read that you are feeling this way at the moment.
Please feel free to contact our helpline on 0808 800 6000, our helpliners will be able to talk to you about the symptoms you are experiencing and offer you advice and information and also other ways of gaining support too, for example we run regular telephone support groups and live chats weekly via the website.

Breast Cancer Care’s ‘Peer Support’ may also be of interest to you. You can be put in touch with someone, by telephone, who has had similar experiences to you so has an understanding of how you are feeling and is trained to offer support and a ‘listening ear’.

The link to find out more about our peer support service is:

I hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards
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Breast Cancer Care

Debbie the loss of confidence and concentration plus feelings of panic are all menopausal- your prob is that instead of getting them gradually you’re having the lot at max strength.
You’ll adjust. Meantime patience and calm are needed. If it’s too horrible a trip to GP for Prozac or something similar would help you through nasty patch.Best wishes, dilly