Problems after WLE and LNB

Hello, this is my first post.  I had a WLE and SLN op recently and although everything appeared fine whilst the dressings were on, when they were removed part of the wound opened up and then I started getting a discharge. I’ve been told its a seroma but they don’t like to drain them due to infection risk. It’s so uncomfy and swollen though. So glad to have found this wonderful forum, has anyone else had this that can give advice on things to help?. I’m also starting to wonder if it will affect my follow on treatment (go back next week for results of op)





Yes, seromas are horrid, so uncomfortable! Is it under your arm or on the breast?


There is a risk of infection if they are drained but I understand that they will do it if it gets too much but that the seroma often just fills up again.


Do a search for seroma on the forum, you will find lots of discussion about them.