problems sleeping


I just wondered if anyone else was having problems sleeping. I’ve had x3 FEC so far and have had real difficulties sleeping. Normally I’m ok for the first day or two and then I’ve been taking sleeping tablets (over the counter ones) but then they make me feel terrible the next day like a complete zombie. I’m now on about my 3rd day of lack of sleep and it is getting me down, I’ve got pains in my head, bridge of my nose, behind my eyes just because I am so tired but I can’t seem to sleep in the day.

Does anyone have any suggestions of ways to combat this. I think I’m going to go to Sainsburys and buy some alchohol with the hope that a glass of wine will knock me out!


Hi Jude,

I found wine very conducive to sleep during FEC! Eventually, you will sleep, probably during the day. Don’t worry about it and try and relax.


Hi Jude

I wonder if you should get some prescribed sleepers like zopiclone, they don’t give you much of a hangover. I take them occasionally…they won’t do any harm.


I read about zopiclone on a thread here and I got some whilst on chemo. They are brilliant and do not leave you feeling groggy and bad tempered, I rarely take them now . Give them a try and see how you go on with them don’t suffer as it is terrible when you are awake in the middle of the night your mind starts going into overdrive. I’m sure you know what I mean love Eileen

Hi Jude,

the dex they give you to combat sickness can make you a bit ‘hyper’ and can definately affect your sleep so perhaps it could be this? Many people suffer with insomnia whilst taking dex. I never really have but its only because the nurses at my chemo unit told me never to take my 2nd dose after 2pm. So, I have my first dose with my brekkie around 08.30 and my have an early lunch (about 12.30) so I can take my second dose. This certainly works for me.

Also, the wine may well help but have a go with things like a nice warm bath with some sort of Lavender bath oil/bubble bath, or try a nice warm holicks type drink if you like milk.

Hope you get some well needed sleep soon!

Take care,


I too am on Zopiclone and find them a godsend. I have been on them for about 6 months (due to my daughter being critically ill last year), was just about weaned off them when was diagnosed with bc. It is awful not sleeping so I dont know what I would do without them. I do worry about taking so many pills but know I need to keep strong and rested to get over this so can sort out weaning in the future. Need to look after the here and now is my feeling.

Hope this helps

well I had a couple of sherries (didn’t fancy wine) and was literally on the floor with tiredness but it still took me a while to get to sleep, I then woke up at 4.00 but eventually got back to sleep and feel much better today. I’ve been for an aromatherapy massage today which was lovely which should help me sleep tonight. I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow so will mention about the sleeping tablets.

hope you are all ok


Hi Jude, i just had my onc give me some zopiclone today, so am hoping for a good nights sleep tonight, alcohol has not worked so far, so fingers crossed!!

Alison xxx


I got some temazepan from the doctor which I really needed as I couldn’t sleep Thursday night and felt the worst I’ve ever felt on Friday I just didn’t know what to do with myself, couldn’t sit, lie down, stand up - all over the place. I’ve also got a urinary infection which is horrible and that has been stopping me sleeping as well.

Anyway the temazepan really worked and I had an amazing night sleep on Fri & Sat (I’ve forgotton what that is like!) but tried not to take it last night and couldn’t sleep and ended up taking it at 1 in the morning but then woke up at 5 but still don’t feel too bad. I don’t want to take it too much as it’s habit forming and also I can’t drive the next day which is a pain. I’m going to see if the chemist has got any other sleeping tablets that are not so strong - I’ve tried sominex which is ok so might get that. God, why is it all so complicated, I never realised that sleep was so important - it was just something that I took for granted - how wrong was I!

I think I’m rambling now. Hope you are all doing ok and enjoying the lovely weather.


Hi Jude

Temazepam is good in the short term, I’ve had it as well.Try zopiclone afor a less ‘addictive’ option. Nitrazepam is another possibility. Glad you got some sleep, anyway !!!


I just have to say - I am so so so so jealous cos every thread I read you are all going on about the lovely weather - its not lovely here in Scotland!!! Thunder storms overnight (not sleeping last couple of nights even with zopiclone!!) and absolutely peeing down today!!

Its not fair - I was born for warmer climates!!
Unhappy Fiona


Im envious of you all you get the chance to sleep.

I dont, as I have a very inconsiderate next door neighbour who constrantly slams her doors & stomps her feet as she trots around her house. She wakes me up EVERY morning starting from 6am until she leaves for work at 8.30am.
Worse news is she has been suspended from work for some reason so I have her at home all day every day now so im stuffed trying to get any sleep during the day. If I go to bed early/before she does I get woken up by her door banging/foot stamping.
She knows I have cancer. I spoke to her a couple of weeks ago and explained what we can hear & pleaded with her to ease up the banging especially 1st thing in the morning & last thing at night as I really really need to rest.

Wanna know what she said to me?..“I don’t need this, ive just had a cancer scare”!!! “Its not cancer but I will need a minor surgical procedure”!!
I was gob smacked I can tell ya!! I explained I need a MAJOR surgical procedure (mastectomy) in about 6 weeks and I will need rest and recovery. She said she cant see how her banging doors stops me from recovering?? Durrrrrrrrr??

Needless to say my chat hasn’t worked, made her worse in fact. She is banging/stomping more and louder on purpose now.

Please have a sleep for me… :o)

Julie. x

Hi Julie

She sounds like a right cow…is it rented can you complain to her landlord or something?


Hiya Fuschia,

No not rented, she owns it. I thought about logging a complaint with environmental health but if we did we would have to declare that we have had a dispute with the neighbour when we sell the house…which is what we are going to do.
We have only been here since November and from day 5 we have had nothing but problems with her.
We could hear her having sex!..I ended up speaking to her 3 times asking if she can be a bit more considerate as we didnt really wanna know when she was having an orgasm! We had the headboard whacking on the wall, her moaning, him grunting with every thrust!..It didnt make for pleasant listening I can tell ya!
Due to the nature of the noise we couldnt do anything about it, she told me to soundproof my house as I was the one with the problem, and suprise suprise they got louder.
We ended up moving bedrooms which meant we had to change the en-suite round so that it was for the new bedroom.

I have been nothing but pleasant to her throughout the time we have lived her. We keep our noise levels down as we are considerate, respectful people. She doesnt deserve to have thoughtful neighbours.

Now we know why the people we bought the house from moved.

We have come to the decision that we are going to have to sell and move. I didnt want to go through the process of selling my house & moving while I was going through cancer treatment but its the only solution.

She is heartless, malicious, selfish and inconsiderate.

Its not like ive got flu or something so trivial is it?, she just doesnt give a toss.

Thats my rant over with…im sorry. x x

Rant away, it sounds like a nightmare. I can see what you mean about not ‘declaring’ it, as it were, as it could jeopardise your move. It will be difficult to move whilst on treatment, will it be easy to buy another place round where you live?

There are a few houses for sale where we live, a couple are on the same row of houses where I am, same style house which puts me off now. We live in a house that is only 4 years old and its common knowledge that soundproofing in new houses isn’t that great. I didnt think it would be THIS bad?! B*tch next door cant understand why she cant hear anything from our house…that could be because we are considerate!!!
There are some houses for sale where the the living rooms and bedrooms are on opposite sides to each other as the bathrooms & garages are side by side…but out of our price range. :o( With our house our living rooms and bedrooms are side by side. We may end up having to rent for a while if there isnt anything suitable.

What im worried about is my op. Im scared im not going to be fit enough for it if im not getting the rest im so desperatly in need of. I have had friends offer me the sanctuary of their bedrooms for a sleep, but I couldnt do that.
I couldnt pop round to mates house to snuggle up in their quite bedroom!! And in all honesty I shouldnt have to.
Its sad when you cant have a sleep in your own house dont you think?

Im just about to ring the estate agents. Wish me luck.

Julie x

Good luck, I wish there was better advice I could give you - let us know if you find something !!

Ta chuck. x

Julie - your neighbour sounds like the neighbour from hell. I can’t believe how selfish and uncaring she is it really makes me angry hearing what she is like as there is just no reason to be like it. Yourself and most other people would never dream of making loads of noise and then refusing to stop when asked. I’d be really embarrassed if we were making noise and bothering our neighbours and they had to mention it to us. Luckily our neighbours are lovely.

You are right about not lodging a complaint as that would make it harder to sell the house. The solution has got to be to move although I’m sure you could do without that at the moment. Maybe you should take up your friend’s offer and go and stay a couple of nights, a change of scene might just make all the difference to your sleeping. I can’t seem to sleep in the day however hard I try is really really frustrating.

Have you been to the doctor to get something to help you sleep?

hope you sleep soon and everybody else on this thread.



just wanna say that I too think your neighbour sounds like a complete bit*h who seems to be totally out of touch with reality!!! If she can’t see how her banging (literally) is potentially gonna hinder your post op recovery then she must either be the most selfish self absorbed person on the planet OR she is totally thick!!!

Shame on her!!!

Sorry, rant over!

Take care,