Problems with contact lenses during/after chemo

I have worn contact lenses for years with no problems whatsoever but now I have finished chemo I am having real problems with them. By about 4pm my eyes are itchy, sore and very very blurry and its driving me mad. Is this linked to chemo or something else? I finished chemo over a month ago but this has started in the last week, it stops me going out as I can’t drive and they are really uncomfortable. Has anyone else had this?

Hello Jo
I don’t wear contact lenses, but I do wear glasses for reading and computer work. My vision has definitely changed during chemo, eyes are itchy, often blurred.
I’ve been to the optician and have ordered a new pair of glasses for now. She told me it is not uncommon as a cause of chemo. People’s vision apparently usually returns to their normal, but it can take some time.
I hope this is of some help.

Hi Jo I don’t wear contacts or glasses but chemo has affected my eyes badly, I asked Onc and she said it does the same to your eyes as it does to mouth,nails etc… I need reading glasses but have been told not to have eye test until 6 months after chemo has finished, Hope this helps,

Thank you both of you, another one of those things they don’t tell you. I am so sick of it all at the moment, supposed to be going to a friends for a BBQ and all I want to do is rip my eyes out. Hubbie took me out for dinner last night to celebrate our wedding anniversary (belatedly cos I was having SNB on the day before wedding anniversary) and all I could do was rub my eyes throughout the meal. Have had enough, I want my life back.

Oh no not another symptom to look forward to? I wear contacts and did not know this. I start chemo 14th oct at least now I know. Thanks for this info x

Hi Jo C,

Yes, I had contacts probs. with my first lot of chemo. (FEC) in 08. Itchy eyes, very dry pupils - not nice! Had taxol last year with no probs, though. Yes, I finished the FEC in the June and by August, which was also very hot, like now, had the symptoms you describe. It did wear off eventually.

All the best, Sarah.

Thanks Sarah, nice to hear it goes eventually, I just scared myself on google, why do I do that? I should know by now not to!

4 weeks post chemo and still have very dry eyes. I wear contacts and went for my eye and contact test during chemo and they said its not unusual for blurred vision and eye problems during chemo. Luckily mine were fine just dry.

I too get sore and stingy eyes at the moment. One of the chemo nurses told me it is really common and recommended Hypromellose eye drops. available from a chemist or on prescription.
I got a bottle and it does help.—for-dry-eyes_1_10918.html
I got mine in the Big high street chemist.
Worth a try.

Thanks, all for this post.  Had my first chemo treatment 6 days ago and have noticed that my eyes feel swollen and very relieved every evening when I take my contacts out.  I have been taking claritin every night, as the nurse at the oncologist’s office told me that apparently that helps with bone pain associated with the regrowth of white blood cells, so I though since that was an allergy medication, perhaps that is a side effect of it, but just knowing it is common is helpful.