problems with Gums

Hello All,


I had a tooth removed last June, before I started Ibrance and Letrozol and Dinusab.


My gum has not repaired and now the bone is coming out of the gum.

I have been to the dentist and she is referring me to the specialist Dental clinic at the hospital.


Has anyone had this problem? Am I going to loose my teeth :[


Thanks  Annie

Hi Annie, I don’t know if my problem was the same as yours but I had problems with my gum and thought I was developing ONJ but, thankfully, it did heal. I got several infections requiring antibiotics and I was told that because of this a small piece of bone had separated away from my jaw, but it healed underneath this piece of bone which was almost floating on top, for want of a better explanation! Initially it was painful most likely due to the infection and very scary due to the risk of onj, it seemed that although the infection appeared to have cleared it hadn’t fully and would flare up again. I was referred to the Maxillo Facial team by my dentist who were great, on reflection they didn’t actually do anything to my mouth but the advice, support and reassurance was brilliant. Due to courses of antibiotics I had to take I started taking Kefir as I was concerned about my gut, probably a coincidence but it was only after taking this that the infections stopped and it started to heal, the Max Fax team commented on that too. I was warned I could lose a couple of teeth as it healed, as I’d lost the piece of bone from my jaw, although they didn’t expect me too, it’s been healed a few months now and so far all is okay. I hope the dental department can sort it out for you, mine was a long process so it could take some time. Is your Denusomab on hold at present? Kate x

Denosumab can cause these things. .I had monthly injections for two and half years but got such sore teeth and gums …made my own decision to stop. In Exeter we only get 3 years anyway which they say is enough as it stays in your system for up to 6 years! I still don’t think they know much about it as every hospital has different regimes.
Sometimes you have to research and do what u think is the best option …only us know our own bodies !
Sorry not much help but I also belong to a Facebook bc site and its surprising how many ladies there have the teeth problems. .more than 1% they quote on the website side effects !

Thank you for all your responses. I have the appointment at the hospital to see the dental team on Wednesday. I am still waiting for my PET scan results. I think in all of this process I have had to learn patience ?

Hello all

I went to the max fax team who were so lovely. They confirmed MRONJ. And said the bone is floating in the jaw and it doesn’t seem to have infected the jaw. So he prescribed 10 days antibiotics and corsodl gel. I then had a reaction to the gel and half my mouth and tongue swelled up. Thankfully it died down and they will see me tomorrow again. I also get my pet scan results. Thank you all for responding. I will let you know how I get on tomorrow xx

So good news is that the Pet scan shows no activity of cancer in the bones, a small bit in the breast and considering it was 7cm lump 6 months ago, the lymph also now only has a small bit. Before it was completely highlighted. I thought I would be over joyed but I suppose I now understand that the medication is working and keeping it at bay. Hopefully it will continue to work ?