Problems with Heat and Cold

Is anybody else finding big problems with body temperature? I finished treatment (radio after FEC and Tax) around 6 weeks ago. I have peripheral neuropathy in fingers and toes, which is not great but manageable. However, I am also finding that I am often either freezing cold or boiling hot and, when I get hot, my skin, particularly hands and arms gets very itchy! So, went to the gym today and as I got into exercising started feeling hot and prickly. At home, I can generally manage, so have a regime of going to bed with bed socks on as I am always freezing at first and then pulling them off when I get boiling later. However, I have more trouble knowing what to wear when I go out, specially to work. My feet only feel warm now with boots and I am already using thick coats and jackets. At the office, I am soon hot and itchy. I am also worried that, if I feel as cold as I do now, when Winter has not fully set in, how am I going to get through a deep freeze?! I expect I will have to adopt a layering strategy but would find comfort in knowing if anyone else is experiencing similar issues?

I too have hot and cold flashes. The hot ones are common. The cold ones I understand are a rarer side effect, but still “normal”. I wear layers, and also carry a small hand fan for when I am really hot. I go from hot to freezing instantly - its quite frustrating!

Hi there,

I was feeling very cold at the end of my radiotherapy - about a month ago. Also occasional hot night sweats. I am on tamoxifen. However, as I gradually got past the worst of the fatigue, and have been able to be a little more active day by day (balancing activity with rests too), I have not been getting so very cold and the sweats are less frequent too. So I hope it may be the same for you.



Hi there, I’m shivering as I write this! I haven’t had control of my body temp since starting tamoxifen in May this year. I am either freezing cold or really really hot. I’m learning to manage it although very frustrating at night with duvet either on or off. I have bought some M & S cool comfort technology pj’s and they are brilliant. C.

Hi Mrs Moomin

I’ve just posted about feeling boiling hot or freezing cold but I am taking Anastrozole so thought it was a side effect of the medication. I started on the medication 3 weeks ago at the same time I began my radiotherapy treatment, Last booster tomorrow. Are you on any hormone medication? 

I’m feeling your pain!! Exactly the same for me. Finished chemo on 21st nov and started tamoxifen 19th Dec and I’m having serious temperature issues!! It’s like my thermostat has gone wonky! Go to bed in thick pj’s, a dressing gown, hat and slipper socks then wake in the night dripping with sweat and have to throw everything off!! I hope it’s not a side effect of tamoxifen cos I’m on that for 10 years now! Good luck for you, I do think the layering works and an old style Fan in your handbag or by the bed. Oh and there’s nothing better than the cold side of the pillow, bliss!! Xx

Im triple neg so no tamoxifen or anything else now I had fect and almost finished rads. The flushes are easing but every evening j get really cold…im wrapped up boiler on high and electric fan while hubby sits shirtless in shorts…so may not be the drugs your on now ladies.

Hey mrs moomin I’m on tamoxifen (2 years) and I am hot and cold all the time. I’ve given away all my jumpers (cannot see myself wear them anytime soon). I live in vest tops and cardigans. My winter coat is left open at all times or half way done up. I sleep in a crop top and the window open. But hey who’s complaining? NOT me. I do itch as well around my armpits which is really frustrating, get a rash ( like eczema) on my fourth finger on each hand strange I know.
At work I wear a short sleeve blouse, my colleagues think I’m crazy as I work part warehouse, part shop floor. I really hope this hot and cold faze settles down sometime soon. X

Im a year into Tamoxifen and I am having an ok time at the moment, praying the worst is over but Ive been here before.  I have had airconditioning on and a fan all winter. (Cant have the window open as Im on the 5th floor and window opens out).  I still sweat profusely after I have eaten anything or laughed or walked etc but the insane hot and cold has eased off.  About 6 months ago I thought i was going to loose my mind over it.  Nothing inbetween just fire and ice.  It got to the point where it was so rapid at night I didnt know if I was putting clothes on or taking them off (and Im not joking).  Its the strangest feeling and you just cant describe it to anyone that doesnt know.  I have also suffered with crazy head heat. It feels like my actual skull is on fire.

Something I have found helpful is to take rehydration powders (Dioralyte or own brands).  I drink so much water during the night but these help with the salts and minerals lost during the sweats.


Hi - I too relate to this hot & cold stuff … sometimes at the same time… trying to explain you have freezing feet (thick socks do help) while at the same time your top half is on fire so you have to throw the duvet back is hard to accept for yourself, let alone expect your nearest and dearest to understand… LoL … x