problems with implant?

Hi lovely people, have posted this on the ‘treatment’ page as well but reposting here to see if anyone responds. just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience to me - had a mx with immediate implant recon last July and over the last few weeks I’ve noticed ridges appearing that are getting more and more noticable. I phoned my BCN about it this week and she said sometimes there can be a problem with implants and has made me an appointment to see my consultant week after next. I’m not worried that these are ‘lumps’, more what the problem might be with the implant and will I need further surgery to sort it?
Anyone else had this sort of thing happening?
thanks, Liz

Hi lizred,

Sorry you haven’t received a response yet. You might find it helpful to post on the Ask the Nurse board where our clinical team will be able to advise you on these implant problems you’ve been experiencing.

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Hello Liz

I had an MX with immediate recon with strattice Feb14 - once the swelling went down - which did take quite a while - I could and still can feel the edges of my implant and see ripples.  According to my surgeon this is completely normal.  It doesn’t look great and if I bend forward it kind of deflates in places as if it is crumpling, but when upright it is fine.  Best to get it checked out though. 

Yes, I agree with yvie…best get it checkedxx

Hi again, i had a different implant type to yourself, but did have quite a few indfections, then it went really hard, and i had to have it removed.


 The ridges, I know nothing about, but what you dont need is for it to be leaking…so, if you become further concerned, push for an ultrasound appointment…,…the bcn or the cons sec could liaise with the cons and might be able to get one arranged prior to your appointment with him.


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I had mastectomy and reconstruction with expandable implant in January. My breast surgeon said that once all the swelling reduces - i can expect to maybe feel some ridges from the implant but this can be rectified by fat injections. I’ve started feeling the ridges recently - although the implant is a bit softer than before.

I had left side mx and immediate recon with implant and strattice mesh 2 years ago. It has all healed fine but at times such as after exercise I can still see the stitching line as a ridge across and there are one or two ripples near the centre of by chest. I haven’t been concerned about this as I think it is just the implant settling and the surgeon confirmed the stitching line was nothing to worry about. I agree though it is difficult to know whether we should be worried or not! Xx

Excellent Lizred,


sure all is ok, but best to checkxxx


Too true… hopefully the u/s will reassure you.

Travel hopefully and enjoy the season… the sonographer may well be able to reassure you on the day, but maybe not allowed to either, so try not to worry.xx