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I posted the info below in response to a lady who had posted re the “Ladybits” issue, and one of the Community Champions suggested I post it under a specific title so as to be more easily found, so 'yer 'tis:


"I’m not on Tamox but Anastrozole for last 5 months and only side effect so far was about the “ladybits”. I did a private email to Ask the Nurses, and I paste here what they replied:


Thank you for your email enquiry. Vaginal dryness can be distressing, and is a common side effect of hormone therapy. There are a variety of moisturisers and lubricants that may help, which can be prescribed by your GP, or purchased from a chemist or online. They are designed to relieve discomfort, regardless of sexual activity and do not contain hormones. There are a few products you could try including vaginal moisturisers, such as ReplensMD and Hyalofemme which should be applied every few days, to be effective. Although lubricants are intended to help prevent friction and pain during sex and intimacy they can also be used more generally to relieve dryness and discomfort. These include Yes, Astroglide, Pasante TLC, Sylk and Pre-Seed. Although the symptoms you describe are likely to be a side effect of taking anastrozole you could get checked by your GP to rule out any infection.



 I got some ReplensMD and the problem sorted itself out immediately. You use it about evey 3 days or so, and should be able to get it on prescription.Hope normal service is resumed as soon as possible! xxxxx


Here’s hoping everyone with "lady bits issues " gets some relief from this helpful advice .Thank you Optimissy !

Just by chance I used to work for the company which manufactured Replens so I had a load of it I took home from a while ago - always knew it would come in handy one day!  (I am on Tamoxifen and experiencing this side effect).



Hi Welshlady66,
I thought I’d answer you, we should be in the tamoxifen section, anyway just to say I do suffer to from joint pain, have you tried changing your brand of tamoxifen? Sometimes that can make the difference and try stick with it, tamoxifen does interfere with your periods mines stopped for 3 years then now and again now come and go but only last couple days at a time, the hot flushes calmed down during then but now I am having them all the time now, I’ve been hearing about the lady care magnet so thought would try it, if you google it will see what it looks like, I just don’t know what to think yet don’t think I’ve had it long enough, you put it inbetween your knickers, it’s supposed to reduce the hot flushes and for other things too, even during the night is a bit of a nightmare changing. Also try a chillow pillow I stopped using mines for a while but think I will be getting it out again got that from Amazon and lady care magnet from boots, but honestly do try a change of brand of tamoxifen, see your pharmacist and explain and mind if they say no difference, tell them there are different ingredients in all brands, it might help but I think eventually the hot flushes will be less frequent.x

Pushing this up in response to a “Ladybits” query.

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Dear all,
I am new to this and just signed up on the advice of my oncologist. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year at 36, and have undergone mastectomy, fertility, chemo, tamoxifen and now on monthly injections of zoladex and taking letrazole now. This is quite embarrassing, but I basically can no longer have sex. It hurts so much. My oncologist says that it is a side effect of the treatment and that I can stop the zoladex or use vagifem. As my cancer was hormone related, I’m not meant to use any form of hrt so I am petrified to use the vagifem. But I don’t want to stop the injections… that terrifies me just as much. He said it would be ok as the oestrogen will be localised and I’ve been given three weeks worth to see how I get on. But when I went to start, I read in the leaflet you’re not meant to use if you’ve had breast cancer so I didn’t use it. But I don’t want a life without sex. I’m just feeling very fed up and sad that I have to face choices like this at 37. I just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience and what you have been advised to do and what you have done… am very confused and scared of both options I have. Thank you in advance for any help or advice. Much love to all xxx

Hopefully you will get some advice that helps Nicola .Optimissy had good results from what was advised by the nurses .

Thank you so much for the advice. It helps knowing I’m not the only one! Just a lot to get your head round xxx

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Welcome to the forum Wobblylegs.Hope you find some advice here that will help .Sorry you are having a difficult time .

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