Problems with LD flap reconstruction 16 months on.

I had a mini LD reconstruction 16 months ago. Chemo and Rads finished 8 months ago. Unfortunately it is quite bulgy under my arm pit. This seems to get worse during my period. Sometimes it feels really tight and uncomfortable. I went back to see the surgeon who at first seemed to think it would be possible to do a bit of lipo suction to reduce the bulge. I got some pictures taken which he said he would discuss with the plastic surgeon and he would make an appointment for me to see him. Well, last week I just got a letter saying that they had discussed it and liposuction would not help my situation and could create more side effects that could make matters worse for me. I am upset because when it swells it is really uncomfortable, also I wish they had seen me and explained why, how it would make matters worse and if anything else could be done. I have discussed it with the help line and they have suggested I could ask GP to refer me to a different hospital. I would like to do this as I feel that this surgeon has not done a good job, before the surgery the nurse made out he was a good surgeon but the scar I have is much bigger that others, he did not have a great manner and I have felt dismissed at times etc… How do I find an alternative NHS surgeon who has a good reputation? Has anyone else had work done to correct bulgyness of an LD reconstruction? Why does it swell more at times? I mean the side is not really my Breast it seems to be under the muscles which is pulled .round. I did do all the excersises after the surgery but I think I should be doing more now after reading other threads. Thanks for reading and any advice greatly received. I know this may seem a small problem compared to others, I have read other threads where women in similar situations have been made to feel like me - that is: ‘it looks ok to us, consider your self lucky and off you go’ …


I had this and got the bulge removed by my surgeon (who is also a PS), he did it whilst doing another op for a small recurrence in the skin elsewhere. The bulge has not come back and that is over 6 months since the op. If you would like more details please send me a PM. Hope this helps a little bit.

K M x

I had similar problem…saw my GP who referred me back to my original surgeon.I was under her when I had my mastectomy,then went to a regional hospital for my DIEP. Encountered further problems,felt they were slightly disinterested in me as they had done their job.
Also,was an hour and half away.
Now back at my local hospital.All is getting sorted,more surgery,but at least I can see an end to it all

Im having lots of pain think I may have pulled the muscle. Had LD Flap in 2015 implant in 2016 the pain is bad and breast keeps going hard and tight. My arm is also painful when reaching.