Problems with Tummy

Hi all

I wonder if someone out there can put my mind at rest bcause the nurses aren’t.

It’s now been 4 weeks since my pedicled tram and although I am over the moon with my recon and obviously the flatness of my tummy I am having a problem with the tummy healing. Everything else is healing really nicely. I had an infection in one part of my tummy and was put on antibiotics for 2 weeks, last week I noticed a plastic strip sticking out of my wound, I called the hospital and they said it was a plastic sutre and already they have been used for the past year they are finding that in some patients the suture’s are wriggling to the top. An appt was made for me to go in and see them and when the nurse took a look she said everything was fine, the antibiotics have worked and in time my wound will heal covering the suture. I may be completely wrong, but I’m not convinced, my wound doesn’t look like its healing at all, it has yellow discharge and red around the area, today I notice the another plastic suture has found it’s way to the top. Has this happened to anyone else, I feel like I am being a pest by calling the hospital but if somethings not right then obviously I want it dealt with, on the other hand I am suppose to trust the Pro’s so maybe she is right and it will heal in time, sorry for the long post but I just need my mind putting at rest. Oh I will mention at the moment the two areas have inadine on them along with a waterproof plaster


Carole xx

Hi Carole

I had free flap recon almost three weeks ago and have what sounds like similar issue to you. I have an area at one end of my abdominal incision that has not healed well and become infected. I have antibiotics at the moment which I started 3 days ago. It is ouzing slightly, very red for couple of inches all around and really quite sore especially as my support underwear puts pressure on it. I have also found one suture in the opening. I have seen specialist nurse at hospital and district nurse and everyone says it is fine and give it time. mine isn’t dressed at all.
I also have a problem with losing lots of fluid fro a drain ‘hole’ that hasn’t healed since the drain came out too early. Again everyone says this is nothing to worry about, but it is inconvenient to be changing dressings so often.
I hope this puts your mind at rest somewhat. I haven’t regretted my decision to have this op at all.

Hi Jacqui

Thanks for replying so quickly. It does sound like we are going through the same thing, and yes you have put my mind at rest. I don’t the regret the op not for one minute. I am actually amazed how great I feel, I love my new body, I went out yesterday and I wore a maxi dress, my eldest daughter said to her dad, “Dad, you’ve got to see Mum in her new dress she looks like a new Mum”. Gotta love kids when they say things like that. All the best in your recovery


I wish you a speedy recovery too Carole. I am looking forward to going out for the first time in the next day or two. So far only had two visits to the hospital as PS very insistent that I only ‘potter around the house and watch tv’ for first three weeks and I am trying hard to do as I am told :slight_smile:
I have sons … they haven’t even noticed my newly flat tummy! lol