Products to help you through

Hi all you lovely people. My mum is starting chemotherapy next week and I would like to go and buy her a few things she might need. Would anyone be able to help me in what she might need? I’ve heard sensodyne tooth paste would be helpful, any other suggestions appreciated. Thanks x

For me I found sea sickness wrist bands invaluable, you can buy them from Boots and are about £8 but are much better than any anti-sickness they give you! Some pretty headscarves, some nice hand cream, lip balm as her lips will be very dry, some eye drops as her eyes may get dry - everything tends to get pretty dry!Some dark nail varnish as this will help to stop her nails being affected, maybe an eyebrow pencil, and some caffeine shampoo for if her hair is likely to fall out with whichever type of chemo she’s having…then she can get started with it as soon as it starts to grow back! Hope this gives you some ideas, it’s pretty much a list I was given before I had it, with a few things added x

Lip balm seconded x hand cream x I also have onicolife drops for nails which were recommended to me x very soft toothbrush - several to change each month x Ginger biscuits and ginger cordial x little pot of honey ( nice with lemon if feel sick ) x bath salts for pampering x
But actually your mum will be fine because she has you !!!

One of the best things I have received was a soft shawl from my mum, like this one.

It doesn’t look much but has been invaluable - now I have no hair my neck gets cold, plus I am having hot and cold sweats, and it is comforting to wrap around me as and when required :slight_smile:


Also some good hypoallergenic skincare, with a high spf, such as Clinique. My skin has become very photosensitive and blisters if I go out.


Best of luck to your mum! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much ladies. I will make her a little pamper hamper up. Em are your hot sweats due to menopause? Just since all this my mum had to come off hrt and the sweats was awful but she’s tried that lady magnet thing and it has helped massively! Gem x

Hi Gem

I hadn’t started the menopause when diagnosed but no periods since cycle 2 (now on 5) so I think the chemo has triggered it. I had read about the magnets but was very sceptical - might have to re-assess!


Yes they are definately worth trying, we couldn’t see how it would work but thought as only £20 worth a try. It worked straightaway and she hardly has any now! X

I’m premenopausal and a bit worried about menopause symptoms - currently one chemo down and due period today … Will wait and see … Plus have ten years tamoxifen to contend with - hadn’t heard of bracelets as all a bit new to me - what are they? X

Hi Gemma

I am also starting chemo on Monday - I am one of the older ladies 74 but still think I am only 60 in outlook and act more like a 40 year old. I have been browsing through very old strings and have found this info and I am getting stocked up this weekend

GUMS. Bonjela, corsydl mouth wash, very soft toothbrush fluoride toothpaste
MOUTH. Diff lam mouth wash, lip balm for cold sores, salt water wash, tonic water
BAD TASTE. Pineapple (fresh chunks/drinks/lollies) pear drops,cola cubes sherbet lemons,flavoured water
NAUSEA. Ginger beer, biscuits, sucking sweets, small meals, V8 vegetable juice,banana for early morning with anti sickness tablet, flavoured green tea, flat lemonade, plain tea biscuits, travel sickness bands ( get them from the Pound Shop as they are cheaper
GENERAL WELLBEING. Keep digital thermometer with you at all times, pin up emergency nos where you can see them and get evening and weekend nos so they are at hand, drink lots of fluid before and after chemo, try to drink at least 2 pints of water a day, lucozade for energy, light meal before chemo
Don’t take 2nd steroid dose after 2pm as you will be awake and energised at the wrong time
Eat fruit either whilst taking or before tablet, sleep when u can, fresh air and exercise, get additional sick pills from doctor if needed
cONSTIPATION. High fibre cereal, prunes, dried apricots, fruit smoothie
Moisturiser for hands and feet
Sore eyes drops from boots
Very dark nail polish as nails go yellow or brown
keep a bad packed in case you get an infection and have to go into hospital

This all seems very frightening but I am going to get some of this organised so I am ready. I am sure you and your mum will cope. My daughter lives in Sydney and rings every night wanting to jump on a plane but there is nothing she can do. I have supportive friends and my husband is a good cook. I am going to take advantage and have a very leisurely life away from cooking and cleaning and if I feel able will go to the gym for very light exercise and perhaps a swim. Keep strong. I feel as though I have written a book. I am going to Colchester for my chemo and it is FEC. I am already calling my FECiNG medicine. Eileen. xXX

Aw thanks so much Eileen, I will definately take nite of wht you have said and get organised this weekend. It’s nice you have supportive friends and a good husband and also your daughter ringing you every day bless her must be hard being miles away but with the internet and the face calls you can do now I’m sure makes it easier. My mum lives alone so I want to be there for her as much as I can and also I have a sister who is there for her too. My mum is very active and young for her age too she is 61. I’m hoping she will be able to still do swimming and things just scared about her catching an infection! Yes she’s starting with the FEC for first 3 then something else for last 3. I did join her up to this site, hopefully she might start posting things if it helps her. Definately agree with u calling it the fecing medicene :slight_smile: xx

It’s not a bracelet this is a little magnet that you wear on your underwear. You can buy it in boots. It’s called lady care magnet this is a link to amazon just so you can see some of the reviews ***********

Sorry to jump on board at this late stage but just saw the swimming comment. I asked my onc about this and he said I could swim, but not in the middle week of each cycle. Made me feel much better to know that