Progesterone only pill after diagnosis

Hi there.

i have just had WLE after diagnosis of intermediate DCIS. No talk of it being hormone receptive so far. If clear margins, hopefully proceed to radiotherapy without hormone treatment. 


Have been on pill for 30 years due to terrible periods. For the last ten years, I have switched to progesterone only pill.  I am now 52, not menopausal yet according to blood tests. GP initially happy for me to continue then changed her mind when she read letter from surgeon saying I should come off it.


My own research says that combined pill is defo a big no no, but the jury seems to be out on progesterone only ones. There doesn’t seem to be much research out there re progesterone only contraception. I don’t want to take any silly risks in encouraging this thing to come back but at the same time I am terribly anxious that quality of life gonna be affected by return of periods. 


Anybody out there stayed on progesterone only pill?

Anyone out there had to come off after such a long time like me? How did it go?

Anyone out there return to it post diagnosis?


Huge thanks in advance to anyone replying. 



Hi Caro

You may find it helpful to talk this through with one of our nurses on our free Helpline 0808 800 6000 ?  Alternatively you might find it useful to post on our Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum.

I hope you find the answers you are looking for and please do keep posting, there are a lot of wonderful people on the Forum which will be along to support you.

Best wishes
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