Progress may become faster now that 10 types of BC found

You may have heard on the news that a study of 2,000 breast cancer samples funded by Cancer Research UK has found that there seem to be about 10 different types of breast cancer. This article is really good at explaining why this finding might help to speed up the progress on treatments:

Hi ChristineMH, I also started a thread about this news, and wonder if you would mind posting the link on my thread? I think your link explains things rather well, for people who may not be familiar with genetic profiling.

Thanks for the link. it explains things quite clearly without too much detail (which i don’t think i could cope with this early in the morning!)

Very interesting article and development. All SO encouraging.


Hi Christine

As others have said, thank you for posting the link. We really do miss you on the forum! Until next year!!

Best wishes. Love xxx