Propranolol and slowing of cancer activity

I have to take medication for high blood pressure, only since having breast cancer, funny that. Recently I’ve tried several different types as I get side effects and, by chance I read about several studies showing that the beta blocker, propranolol, which damps down adrenaline has also shown a beneficial effect on breast cancer sufferers, specifically it slows down growth to some extent.
Has anyone else read or heard about this?? I am not medical but I’m seeing my GP tomorrow and will be asking to go on this blood pressure tablet.

Sorry, it’s propanolol

Guess no one knows enough about this to comment. My GP has agreed to my request do I’m happy xx

Sorry Belinda! Only just seen your question. I’m not sure about your beta blocker to be honest but your Onc should have heard of these trials. I know that they compared atenolol and propranolol, the latter having a significant improvement. My GP was a bit sceptical but there have been quite a few trials, even from CRUK. He just said that he would prescribe it because positive thinking was good. Ggrrrr!! That always gets my angry eyes on, there is enough to cope with without stressing about positivity!!!

I was diagnosed 3 and half years ago and I read the same so asked my onc if I could try them . He said there wasn’t enough statistics to prove success but wouldn’t do any harm. They are great for my anxiety x

Dear Stillhere! My daughter has a malignant disease of the brain. I recently learned of propranolol. Do you have information on the treatment of cancer propranolol?

Hallo Vera, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter and I’m sure that you are researching every avenue. I’m not sure if you think that Propanolol is a cancer treatment as such? It’s not, it’s a beta blocker that can be prescribed for high blood pressure that has some evidence to suggest that it could slow cancer down. If you google it then you will read some articles about it.

I was interested in these because I was trying several types of high blood pressure medication at the time. I am still on Propanolol and my treatment is going well. I’m not sure if it is helping or not but its controlling my high blood pressure and cannot hurt to try slowing my progression.

I should add that I only have 2 small areas of cancer and they are not in the brain. I am sorry not to give you a more definite answer and hope that your daughter responds to treatment x

This will sound odd, but ive heard of it also being prescribed for depression too,