Propranolol for anxiety?

I have just been to the doctors because I am suffering with severe anxiety at the moment (so severe it is causing my bp to rise and making me feel really ill). The anxiety is a symptom of the menopause. I can’t take HRT to help with menopausal symptoms because my cancer was oestrogen receptive. The doctor has asked me to try Propranolol (80mg per day) to see if it helps with the anxiety. Has anyone else tried this?

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Maude xx


I was on this for anxiety about 6 years ago this was not related to my cancer dx, it did work for me i felt relaxed my heart which felt like it would jump out of my chest stopped beating so fiercly.

It worked for me. hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for your reply and good wishes. I took my first tablet last night. I went to bed early and had a good night’s sleep (for a change!). I feel a bit “spaced out” this morning but hopefully that will improve as I get used to the medication.

Maude xx

Bit of a late reply but just back from holiday. I’ve taken propranolol fro anxiety for years - it helps with my shakes. No side effects and easy to take - just careful if you forget to take for few days cos then you realise how ell its been working!!

Thanks, I have been on it for four days and I am starting to feel the benefits. I still feel a bit tired though but I am sleeping a lot better.

Maude xx

sorry for late reposnse
i have 40mg of propranolol as and when i need it for anxiety and panic attakcs, have had them for about 3 years now. i can take up to 3 a day, and i think theyre great.

within 20 mins of taking i feel totally relaxed and have even forgot i was stressing.
they have come in use a lot over the last 2 months !!

Thanks for that. I might sound a bit thick but I hadn’t realised you can just take the Propranolol “as and when” I thought I had to take them all the time. I don’t really want to do that because although I have low level anxiety most of the time it is only once a month or so that I get what I call a surge of anxiety which makes my blood pressure go up and makes me feel really ill. I have been taking bp tablets to stop my bp going up on these occasions but my doctor wanted me to try a beta blocker instead.

My tablets are 80mg. Does that mean I can just take the Propranolol when I am having a bad day? I would prefer to do this than take medication all the time. Also it gives me reassurance to know that I have something to help with the horrible surges of anxiety when they happen.

The doctor said my ovaries are dying organs which are spurting out oestrogen into my body and that gives me the anxiety - lovely!

Thanks everyone
Maude xx

hey maude.

im not sure hunny, but they work for me.

and its ace as i feel anxiety coming on and within 20mins its gone. or at least bearable, it may be worth trying. i didnt need to be on them all the time either.

there are some slow release propranolol tabs too, but i didnt feel comfy with having them in my system that much, i liek the as and when solution

i also find that cause they are in my bag, i dont need them cause i know i have a solution if i need
kaz x