Prostap self administered?

I have just realised that I am going to be on holiday on the day that I am meant to have my prostap injection. Does anyone know if they would let me take it with me and self administer? Feel really worried at the thought that I would miss it. If I had it when I got back it would be 3 days later - would that matter? 
Why do I always realise these things when everywhere to phone and ask is closed?! 

maybe you could ask about this in the Ask the Nurses section of the forum ? 

Hi Kat504

Only just seen this and new to the site and a bit confused by where to post/replies etc - I never seem to end up in the same place twice. . Anyway it’s any help when I was first diagnosed wymets last October we’d got oneor two holidays planned and my oncologist said we’d work around them as going on holiday was important and oncology treatments are ongoing so taking a breathers and there was fine.  He went on to explain that many of the treatments stay around for months anyway. 

hope you have a fabulous time. X