I’m thinking of getting a contact prosthesis and was wondering if anyone has tried these and if so what are they like and are there any drawbacks with them?

Jane x

i haven’t actually got one of these properly, but recently I tried an Amoena Contact prothesis. I believe they will let you trial them for up to 3 months and if you don’t get on with it you can return it. I was trying for size by mail order but after two attempts at the wrong size I have decided to go to their store later in the Summer for a proper fitting. However my one day of wearing a contact seemed very good. I am very small breasted, so I am not sure how they would feel if slightly larger or for that matter in the warmer weather.
Sorry not to be a huge amount of help!

I bought Amoena contacts (I have had double mastectomy) last summer so that I could wear them with a certain kind of sleeveless dress for my daughter’s wedding. I wore them successfully and I thought I would use them a lot afterwards (to justifiy the high cost!!) but actually they;'ve been in their boxes for the past 10 months! I found that they gave me an itchy rash and I felt quite hot with them. I’ll have another go soon but they are good with revealing tops - not needed with ‘secure’ tops. May be they are good prostheses for certain kinds of tops/dres
They are expensive!
Good luck


Thanks for your comments…I was thinking of going to the shop for a fitting but then I saw a post surgery bra fitting service in my local area and thought I’d make myself an appointment as I seem to have problems getting a good fitting bra. Anyway, I spoke to a lovely nurse and asked her if she also provided and fitted contact prostheses. She doesn’t but advised that I may be able to get one on the NHS and that I should speak to my BCN; which I did yesterday. She says that I can get one on the NHS because its my choice so I was really pleased with this. I don’t want to wear it everyday but occasionally I would like to.
I’ll keep you posted on how I get on!

Jane x

I was given a Trulife Harmony Silk Connect prosthesis in April this year from my BCN and I have found it to be really comfortable and as easy to care for as my other prosthesis.
I usually wear mine for 4-5 days at a time and then resort back to my ordinary prosthesis for a few days and then go back to my Connect one.
When it was suggested that I try a Connect I was a bit unsure, but for me it has turned out fine. The only downside is that if you get very hot and sweat too much the Connect won’t stick as well or at all! Saying that I took my Connect with me to Florida recently and I wore it all but one day when it was too hot.
I hope you find wearing your Connect as comfortable as I do mine.