Prosthesis in the heat - hints please!

I love the sun. I like to sit out or garden. I like to be social too. However, my prosthesis is so uncomfortable in the heat I am tending to not wear it at all at home and put off going out rather than wear the thing. I am on leave at the moment so have been able to do as I please, but I will be back at work next week and will have to wear it.
Does anyone have any hints they can share to make it more comfortable???
I dont want reconstruction, I have asked about having the other side removed but have to wait til I finish herceptin in October. This means I have to survive what will, I hope, be a sunny summer.

Bumping this up for all to see

Hi KahrenQ - the “proper” prosthesis I got from the hospital is quite big and heavy - I’m a 36C - but I got a softer one off the Nicola Jane website which is far more comfortable when you are just relaxing/sitting in the sun/socialising - not too expensive either!
Jan. x

I got one from nicola jane too ,very liht wieght ,it has a little ball of silicone in it which gives it enough wieght good forsports but also just a good every day prothesis ,its actually 60% lighter than the usual ones and only twenty something pounds x

Mine weights 24oz (will maybe whip it out it one day when I go in for weigh in at Slimming World - it’ll be the only way I’ll ever get slimmer of the week lol). There are many times when it’s given me shoulder ache from the weight so I usually have at least a couple of days during my work week when I don’t wear it. I’ve found all the long scarves I used for headgear during my chemo have come in really useful to disguise my flatness and no-one seems to notice.

Like you, I like sitting out and have loads of really lovely sundresses that I can’t wear now because i wouldn’t be able to wear a bra with them. So tonight, I’ve sat and stitched my softies into a couple and will try them out - won’t look perfect I know, but I’m hoping it will be ok.


I’ve got a silicone prosthesis that I wear in a pocketted bra, but this week it got to 36 degrees … in Canada!! … I know!!! :wink:

Anyway, point is in the hot weather I find I get really sweaty and uncomfortable. The pocket part was soaking wet when I took it off, and I can’t help but feel that’s not a very healthy environment for my skin, so I’ve reverted back to wearing my softee and a sports bra. To be honest it is more comfortable, and looks ok if I don’t wear too clingy a top!

I was hoping somebody would come up with a magic answer on this thread as to how to be comfortable wearing the silicone boob in the summer heat. ???

Luckily the extreme heat only lasted a couple of days here, and I just sat in my cool basement with all the house windows open most of the time :slight_smile:

Sorry I can’t help with any more advice, just having a moan! I have just returned from a holiday abroad and when I was sunbathing I didn’t wear any prostheses as I have had a double Mastectomy however when I was out in the heat with them on, it felt like I had 2 hot water bottles on my chest! I couldn’t really work out any better way of doing it. I’ll look forward to any suggestions x

Thanks all.
I have abandoned the blob. It makes my shoulder hurt, is too hot, means I am always having to check it is staying put, the list of moans goes on! I think I am going to go back and ask for a smaller one as I have lost weight since it was given to me anyway. The ultimate insult was when it fell out while I was gardening.
I will look at a sports prothesis but I am more inclined to do without. I too have found loose shrts and those headscarves hide many sins. I am asking for the other to be removed to do away with the lopsided look. Watch this space!

I’m not sure if this will be helpful to anyone, but I have abandoned my silicone prostheses given by the hospital in favour of silicone full bust enhancers made by swimwear company Seafolly. They give a good shape (ok I had bilateral mx so easy to get symmetry) and are hollowed out at back so not nearly as hot. They are also £22 for a pair and you can swim in them - paying £40 each min for a swim prosthesis really hurts!! No good for larger cup sizes - I was only A/B cup, but hopefully there maybe someone who finds this useful.

Hi all…take it out and put your softie in…the prosthesis is a pain in the b*m!!!..some good advice on this thread…was going to post same question today…thanks…

Hi all

My experience may help…I had mastectomy in January this year and I am a G cup! My 2 main concerns were finding a prosthesis that matched my other side and that moved naturally when I was active (I play badminton, do folk dancing & Morris dancing). I am pleased to say I had a wonderful BC nurse who fitted me perfectly with a Amoena prosthesis which does everything I want it to. I have also had a swimming prosthesis for the BC nurse (again from Amoena, the Aqua Wave breast form) 2 sizes smaller than my ‘normal’ prosthesis. This looks better in a swimming costume because of the different shape a costume gave me…During the recent hot weather, I tried wearing the swimming prosthesis and it is fab…is stays cooler than the ‘normal’ one and because it is hollowed out in the back, allows plenty of air to circulate around the scar

xx salsal50

thanks salsa i too am G cup and had one boob off. Not been fitted for my prothesis yet but find the comfy the ward gave me awful. Can only wear it for bout half hour and then feels really heavy and aches. I am having real probs finding bras and swimwear in our size even from the so called companis that specialise in mx wear. i will have a look at the company you mentioned

I havent really got anymore help to offer. I am a 42DD. I had to abandon the size 13 prothesis in the heat. It weigh 2.9 lbs on my scales!!! I have an appointment with BCN to see if I can get a lighter one which I had before and was very happy with. Also Nicola Jane have bras in this size. It seems very difficult to get bras much in cup sizes over A/B.

this isn’t to do so much with prosthesis as bras! I was sorting out my drawers (!) and found lots of bras that I was a bit cheesed off about throwing away. So I googled ‘how to make a prosthesis pocket’ and found a video telling you how to convert your bras - obviously they need to be relatively full cupped but I was a 42DD so I couldn’t wear skimpy ones anyway.

I sewed mine my hand and used an old tshirt to make the pocket - worked out really well and I’ve even had a go at stitching softies into strappy sundresses so I can still wear those - and believe me, I’m no seamstress lol x