Prosthesis Question

Hi everyone,

I seem to be stuck in the middle of what can only be described as ‘the tale of the incredible shrinking boob.’ :slight_smile: I was already small before I started treatment (30D) but when I went for a bra fitting earlier this week I was down to a 30A and the fitter thought that my prosthesis was possibly a little too large now.

So my question is - even though there is nothing wrong with my current prosthesis, would it be possible to get a smaller one on the NHS or do I have to wait until this one is faulty? My current one is a year old in December.

Next will be the fun challenge of finding mastectomy bras that will actually fit! It was hard enough for a 30D so goodness knows what fun and games this will bring!

Nymeria x

At my hospital my BCN has definitely stated that if your shape changes within the three years allowed you’re able to be refitted and receive a more appropriate prosthesis.

Good luck!

I’ve just had a new smaller one because i’ve lost weight,only had the other one a year,can’t see why the won’t give you one that fits.

They say round here that you can get a new one every 2 yrs or sooner if you lose/gain weight. I had my first prosthesis April 08, got a bigger one late 09 and have just been to get a bigger one again. I’ve never had such a large bust!! I put on a lot of weight when I went on to arimidex and zoladex and have gone from a 34B to a 38D/38DD. I’m still not even but better than before - it’s a nightmare finding bras and trying to feel balanced.

Good luck in your quest!

If you loose or gain weight you CAN have a replacement. The only problem is the financial budget for the year IS limited. It is very hard to talk about money in this very important part of every woman’s body image but the average yearly budget for prosthetics is £12,000 per 100 patients and the prosthesis prices are on average £ 100-150. so a 120 patients wipes out the budget for the year, also some might be bilateral. The poor breast care nurse will also have a lot of ladies needing replacements because of wear and tear as well as referrals from G.Ps who were not operated upon at her hospital. It is do difficult when one can’t say I have no money left and but it very much can happen.
So if you have a need for a replacement do it early in the financial year(It starts in April and avoid Jan to March.
I only know this because I had nightmares at the end of the financial year re lack of money and often had to use donations from our charitable fund which I had got from lecturing on Breast awareness or breast cancer to private institutions in my spare time.