Prosthesis recycling

Now that my reconstructive surgery is complete, what on earth am I to do with my prosthesis? It is only lightly used & in perfect condition, and I gather that it would cost over £100 to buy. Does anyone know of any charity which would like to take it off my hands? It would be an awful waste to just chuck it out, not to mention the risk of giving my bin-men the shock of their lives…

I’ve got 2 which I no longer use, so I’m thinking of putting them on ebay. There must be an awful lot of transexuals & drag artists who would like them …
But I’d be very happy to hand them on to someone who needs them & would otherwise have to pay for them.
Love, Lynn

Interesting idea.

They are all a standard size. I might the interested in buying a second hand one for a spare, just in case something bad happens to my current one.


Have never given this one a thought - until now!!

I’m having a reduction on my other breast in the next few months so I’m going to need a smaller one and “Charlie” will be surplus to requirments. When I get my smaller one I’ll ask the breast cancer nurse if she has any suggestions. Perhaps there’s some sort of recycling system. I agree a drag artist or transexual would be gagging to take them off our hands, unfortunately I don’t know any…but I would be pleased to hand “Charlie” over to a good needy home.

If anyone comes up with any other ideas I would be pleased to know, but in the meantime it is certainly food for thought!


Lynda xx

I bought a spare from ebay, for swimming in. There are some bizarre ones from abroad, which tend to cater for the trans gender /drag market, but I think our type are mainly bought by girls like us. You could always donate some of the proceeds to charity if you wanted, I’ve seen that done.
ebay is also a good place to look for swimsuits etc, a lot cheaper than new.
Happy hunting!

I’m tidying up my tip of a bedroom and was just wondering what to do with my prosthesis, now that I’ve have my fab reconstruction and thought I’d just take a look and see what others had done!

I’ve just done a search on ebay, and my word are there some wierd looking fake boobs on sale!

I might put mine up and see if anyone wants it.


My first prosthesis was uncomfortable and didn’t fit properly, I contacted my breast crae nurse, who gave me another one, much better!!! I mentioned to her that I was sorry that I had wasted money having to have another one. She told me that was OK as those that had been used were sent to the the third world to help women there. This made me feel al ot better. It might be worth contacting your breast care nurse and see if your hospital has the same system.

While i was going through my expanding my prosthesis were changed after every expansion, approx every 2 weeks and i didn’t finish up with mountains of them. They kept the hold ones as they replaced them. I was reduced to wearing just one which has just been placed in my draw and forgotton about. It has me thinking now whether my hospital will take it off my hands.

What a good idea! I am the wardrobe mistress for a theatre company and actually, getting a fake chest for a pantomime dame is not always easy! I could use a couple at Christmas time if anyone wants to give them to a good home!

hi sunflower8
i have just the one but its a big one!!! 38ff and weighs a tonne (well a kilo) and would happily donate to your panto, as the kids partner and i have had some amusing times with it and what it might do in the future anything from a doorstop to a hat! so if it ended its days as part of a panto dame i think that might be really fitting

I think thers’ a charity somewhere which organises sending prostheses to east European countries where they are very expensive or not available…anyone know more?


Well i got one swimming prostheses size 8 and 3 others if anyone whants them as i just had recon

Thanks for the offers - if you send me a PM I will get back to you! Our theatre company could use about 4!