I was dignosed May 2007, Chemo May to Sept, Masectomy Oct and Node clearance Nov 2007. I had Rads throughout Jan 2008, saw Onc in May 2008 and dont have to go back for 12 months. I was given a Comfie when I had Mas. but rarely wear it as find wearing any Bra too uncomfortable. No one has mentioned having a more permament prosthesis or reconstruction, is this normal? At the moment I feel worse tham when I was having Chemo have nausea, giddiness stomach pains, numbness in chin and face and pains in all my joints and bones. I am still on Methotrexate and Prednisolone for an Autoimmune condition so have a supressed immune system. GP said I had Bacteria in my urine so went on Antibiotics plus am Anaemic, she has referred me to Oral Surgeon about face. She feels it is all just coincidental nothing to worry about, so I feel like a fraud moaning on - Sorry for cmplaining.

Hi Val

Sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly at the moment. Can’t give you any advice regarding your autoimmune condition, apart from the fact that I too have an autoimmune disease which they are treating, Obviously if you have other medical conditions this can be difficult to separate from any side effects from CA treatment, so hopefully your consultant will be able to sort things out for you.

As to the prothesis, I think you need to speak to your breast care nurse. You should have been fitted for a permanent prothesis by now. They are much more comfortable then the softie as they don’t ride up and your bras should feel more comfortable. I would make an urgent appointment for that. You might also want to talk to your nurse about reconstruction if your surgeon has not mentioned it. Did nobody discuss reconstruction with you before your mastectomy? My surgeon discussed all the options and I had 1 hour appointment with the BC nurse to go through all the options and she showed me photographs etc., so I had a realistic opportunity to make the right decision.

Good luck, Val and hope you feel a bit better soon.


I agree, you should have been fitted for your prosthesis by now. I was fitted for mine (by my breast care nurse) 5 weeks after my surgery. Perhaps you have slipped through the net somehow?

At my hospital they do not recommend reconstruction until 12 months after rads have finished. My oncologist did ask recently if I had considered a recon, (I finished rads in Jan 2008), as I think appointments to see plastic surgeons have to be made well in advance. But at the moment I am happy with my prosthesis and not ready to undergo further surgery.

Are you on Arimidex or Tamoxifen, as these drugs might be causing the joint problems.

I think you should ring your BC nurse and discuss the prosthesis issue

Hope things start improving soon xxx

I am triple neg so no more treatment I probably wont have any recon surgery as I dont want to have to put the dogs in kennels again. I haven’t pushed about the prosthesis as I have enough trips to hospital with my Dermamyositis and other things.

Hello Val

Sorry to hear you are not well. Yes you should have been fitted for your prosthesis by now. I had my mastectomy on 1st November 2007 and although my breast care nurse promised I would not leave hospital without a comfie breast - I did just that. I had to stuff toilet paper in my bra. I had to organise the comfie breast and I had to ring and push for my prosthesis which I got just before Christmas. So, I’m afraid, unless you push I can’t see them beating a path to your door!

I’m also having difficulty in finding someone to talk to me about reconstruction. The breast care people say I now come under the “umbrella” of oncology. I don’t have an appointment with my oncologist until 1st August. So it would seem the level of treatment varies throughout the country.

Hope you are soon feeling better.


Im so sorry you havent been fitted yet, its not on really. I hated my softie and had my falsie fitted 3 weeks after surgery so that I could be bridesmaid, theyve even given me one to swin in, you need to push them as I think its totally unacceptable