Prosthetic Nipples

Having undergone a single mastectomy last year, I lost one of my nipples, and the lack of symetry further distressed me.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share this with others who do not want to go through further surgery, however minor, to replace the nipples, whether it be one or both. 

I was lucky enough to find Rachel at in London who custom made me a nipple to match my remaining one…it has truly had the most amazing impact on me. When I look in the mirror, I’m whole again and I’m even.

The whole procedure was simple, inexpensive, and Rachel is so caring. The nipple sticks on with a cosmetic glue and stays in place for up to 3 weeks. I excercise regularly and swim with it in place and there is no movement whatsoever. So, if like me, you miss your nipples and are unable to face more surgery, there are some solutions and this is, in my opinion, one of the best. Wishing you all the very best.

Hi Kaza,

That’s great news - I’m really glad to hear they’ve made such a difference for you.

Becca at Breast Cancer Care.

Thank you so much for putting this up. They look amazing. Can’t believe they’re not real nipples.

Had my mascectomy today and losing my nipple has upset me so this has really cheered me up!!

Hi Ladies,


Thank you so much for the amazing comments, if anyone would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me. I was diagnosed in 2013 and started on a mission to find affordable prosthetic nipples a few years later after about 6 surgeries. I’m from a Jewellery Designer background so used the same creative principles to create the nipples!


I’ve been perfecting my skills for over 3 years now, whilst having more surgery myself. I’m a new start up business and give a % of profits to cancer charities. I’m also a Volunteer / Ambassador for a Cancer Charity and run their workshops in Hopsitals & Hospices.


I specialise in bi lateral nipples, so patient can choose any style, colour, projection to suit their mood. To make a singular to match an existing is incredibley time consuming & you need take numerous life moulds. However I hate saying No! so I will always try help if I can. 


I’m designing more styles so out of what I offer there are endless colours combinations and I can pretty acurately colour match to a natural nipple colour.


So if any ladies would like information, please do not hesitate to contact me. A huge thank you to KAZA and Xela for raising awareness.


Wishing You all the very best,

Rachel x

I have also used these prosthetic nipples that Rachel handmakes. They are truly amazing. They have transformed my life and given me confidence whilst waiting for my surgical journey to be completed. People cannot believe they are not real when they see them. The reality of the nipples has made me question whether to have nipple reconstructions. Thank you Rachel for giving me my confidence back.

Caz, the relief when I found the website, it was just amazing I nearly cried.

I’ve read on here, quite a lot of people have had nipple reconstruction and they’ve gone flat. So when I read on here about Rachels website, I was thrilled.

I have already contacted Rachael and she’s an amazing person. Even though our chats have been through email and WhatsApp, her caring nature about my personal situation has shone through. She provides great information regarding the nipples she designs. She sends pictures and reading material so all your questions are answered immediately. I haven’t had my bandages removed yet and I was dreading seeing that empty space for the first time. I know I would of shed a few tears. But thanks to Rachel’s talent, I cannot wait to heal and wear her nipples, (or mine) with pride?? xx Alex xx

Hi Kaza. It is hard when the dressings are first removed. I had my mastectomy 3 years ago. I am now really happy with my breast reconstruction although it has been a journey. I feel stronger having been through it. The surgery can take a while to be perfect ( with me needing the mastectomy which was risk reducing on the opposite side to the cancer tweaked ) That’s the advantage of these prosthetic nipples they can tide you over and make you feel whole during the journey . . I’ve also seen the reviews that reconstructed nipples go flat. My plan has changed because of these nipples. I will get 3D nipple tattoos that are the same shape and colour as the prosthetics and for occasions where I want projection I will glue on the prosthetics. They have allowed me to live a normal life in the meantime including topless sunbathing! Keep strong.

Sorry! Alex. That reply was to you! C xxx