Protecting implant reconstruction from radiotherapy

Any tips?

we weren’t sure that I would require further treatment other than a mastectomy and hormone treatments but tissue analysis shocked us and I am now having everything! I’m having a lymph node clearance after chemotherapy finishes before radiotherapy starts but want to do all I can to avoid further surgery after that. 
I know it’s likely the implant will be damaged but there’s a chance it might not so wondered if anyone had done or heard of anything I can try and do to save it. It’s a fantastic reconstruction and I get married next year.

I had chemo, then mastectomy with implant reconstruction, followed by radiotherapy. Now nearly three months since rads finished and there’s no obvious damage to the implant - which I’m also really pleased with.

I would try and speak with your surgeon and oncologist to see what their thoughts are on the likelihood of damage occurring. My surgeon said it was very unlikely which was why she recommended immediate reconstruction. 

Best wishes for the rest of your treatment x