protein and blood in urine - scared stiff

I had BC 6 years ago but needed two ops this year now I have blood and protein in my urine. My GP is sending me for a scan. I know this is a sign of kidney damage and I am so scared that the cancer is back
it is always one thing after another and I am so fed up with it. Struggling with depression and anorexia too. Before cancer I was so healthy and happy

Hi there,

Please don’t get too worried, I’m no expert but the most obvious thing when you have protein & blood in urine is either a urinary tract infection or a kidney infection. Your doctor is probably ordering a scan simply because of your history, they have to be extra careful so that they don’t miss anything and you wouldn’t want it any other way even though it’s scarey. I have had cancer twice now (12 years ago & 7 years ago) and I have been where you are so many times now and I also have battled with anorexia so I really can empathise with you. I am married to a doctor and when I get in a state like you are now he always says “common things are common”, there is a whole host of other reasons that your symptoms can mean before you get anywhere near cancer. So take a deep breath and try and put your logical head on. Don’t let cancer take everything away from you otherwise it will have won. Be gentle with yourself and take care.

Big hugs

hi lbx157
thank you I just hate the not knowing. I know that anorexia can cause kidney damage, there is no infection that has been checked.
I find that the smallest thing is now more than I can cope with.
lol Louise

hC, I hope things go well for you. Just like a recent bone scan I had, there CAN be non-cancer stuff going on. Snotty nose? Could be a cold. Backache? Take some ibuprobefen (that’s my situation).

It’s so hard to work out what’s just normal aches and pains and what might, very possibly but not likely, could be something other that just normal life.

Did you ever have a urine infection pre-BC? It’s so common, but once we’ve been hit by the BC nonsense we all imagine it’s all to to do with BC when it’s so much more likely to be just a flipping urine infection or something.

Practical tips:

  1. drink lots and lots of fluid.
  2. remember that things we get are not always BC-related, and could be just some rubbish kidney infection.